UD Advantage

The University Division Advantage

Each year outstanding incoming freshmen are offered admission to University Division (UD). As a UD student, you have the opportunity to: 

EXPLORE over 300 majors, minors, and certificates that IU Bloomington offers.

DISCOVER the major to career pathway that’s right for you by working with your team of assigned advisors in UD and the Career Development Center. 

DESIGN your IU education! Combine majors and minors to develop a rich educational plan that lets you diversify across many interest areas.

CONNECT with engaged learning opportunities: 

  • Study Abroad 
  • Internships  
  • Undergraduate Research 
  • Community Engagement 

Our Expert Advisors

Possess in-depth knowledge about ALL undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates.

Occupy a unique position outside of any academic unit, and are solely invested in helping students find their best academic fit.  

Guide students through academic transitions - from high school to college, across interest areas, or from transfer institutions.

Student Stories

Janessa Carlisle

Jenessa Carlisle

Recreational Therapy with minors in Counseling and Youth Development

"I started out my first semester at IU as a Biology major with the goal of becoming a dentist. I was in a lot of science courses and found that I was not passionate about them at all..."

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Parker Hamernik

Parker Hamernik

Human Biology B.S. with a minor in Spanish

"I entered my first year of college very nervous because I heard everyone talking about their majors and I hadn’t decided on one yet..."

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Ashley Cordischi

Ashley Cordischi

Psychology B.S.

"When I first started at Indiana University, UD helped me find a major I was passionate about. With all the adjustments and changes that come with freshman year, one thing I am thankful for is UD..."

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Angela Visconti

Angela Visconti

Media Technology and Culture

"When I found out that I was accepted to IU, but that I was going to be starting as a University Division student, I was disappointed because I knew what I wanted to do and I just wanted to go straight into my major..."

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AJ Brady

AJ Brady

Public Management & Leadership with a minor in Business

"I wasn't sure what I wanted to study when I came to IU as a freshman. After taking all general education courses in my first semester, I decided that I was going to pursue admission to the Kelley School of Business..."

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