Register for Classes

Learn how to register for classes

Your iGPS Plan is the easiest way to register for classes. Use your individualized, 4-year plan as the base to build your schedule.

Learn to use the iGPS Plan through UITS Knowledge Base instructions.

Be sure to complete all steps in iGPS in order to register. Please note that just adding classes to your plan does not enroll you in those classes. You must complete registration in your Enrollment Shopping Cart.

Learn more about registration through Student Central on Union.

To view all your registration holds, go to One.IU > Student Center > Holds. Click “details” to find out how to get the hold removed. You will want to have holds on your record released before your enrollment date for the next term.

To find out about University Division Academic Advising holds go to University Division Holds.

View your Enrollment Date in One.IU > Student Center > Enrollment Date.

Your Early Enrollment appointment is the earliest date and time you can register for classes. It is set by the Office of the Registrar and is based on the total number of credits you have completed. You cannot change your early enrollment appointment. The last day to register without a LATE REGISTRATION penalty fee is the Friday before classes begin. For more detailed information on late registration, view Policies/Late Registration.

Are the classes you want full? Waitlist! Many students get into their top choice classes from the waitlist.

Video instructions How to Waitlist Classes

Video instructions How to set up Drop-If-Enroll for a Waitlisted Class

If you would like additional help waitlisting classes, you can visit an IU Peer Coach to help you adjust your schedule.

Are you getting an error telling you that the class is restricted or that you haven’t met course requisites?

  • Look up the course in iGPS Course Search.
  • Read the “Class Notes” for the section you’re trying to enroll in. Follow any instructions in the Class Notes.
  • Need to contact the instructor for permission? Look up their email in the IU Address Book.
  • Haven’t met the course prerequisites? Contact your advisor to discuss appropriate alternate courses.

Schedule an appointment now!

Your academic advisor can help you set and meet your academic goals at IU Bloomington. You can learn more about scheduling advising appointments on our FAQ.

Once you know who your advisor is, visit the Student Appointment Scheduler to schedule your advising appointment.

Student Appointment Scheduler