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Your assigned University Division academic advisor will give you individualized assistance as you navigate your undergraduate experience. You will remain with that advisor until you gain admission into your major program. All first-year students are required to meet with their assigned advisor for a scheduled appointment at least once each semester.

Description of the video:

Hey, Hoosiers! Registering for classes can feel confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Let's break it down in six steps. We'll provide links to all of the websites and resources that we mentioned, so feel free to watch it through and then come back to the parts you need help with. Step one: find your registration appointment. This is the first day in time that you can complete registration and reserve a spot in courses. You can find your registration appointment by going to and searching for "iGPS Plan." Navigate to the "Notices" tab to see the date and time of your registration appointment. Step two: prepare your plan. You may want to review requirements such as school or major requirements or general education credit requirements. You can find resources for all of these on University Division's website. You can browse approved Gen Ed courses on IU Bloomington's General Education website, where you can filter by one or more categories. Once you know your requirements and which GenEd options interest you, you can add courses into your iGPS Plan, where they'll be sorted into your overall degree map. Step three: meet with your advisor. You'll want to do this before your registration appointment. You can always email your advisor with your plans or questions, or you can easily set up a meeting through the Student Appointment Scheduler. Step four: build a schedule. Your iGPS Plan makes this part smart and easy. Use the iGPS Schedule Builder to filter your availability, and then you can browse and compare multiple schedule options. When you select a schedule, it will put those courses in your Enrollment Shopping Cart. Please note: you will not actually be enrolled until you confirm the course sections and complete registration. So that takes us to step five: complete registration. Finalize your registration through your Enrollment Shopping Cart at the day and time of your registration appointment. Once you submit and confirm your choices, you should be able to check your schedule and make sure you're enrolled in each of your choices. This means you've successfully registered. Step six: refine your schedule if needed. You can add yourself to a wait list for another class or make schedule adjustments if necessary. The University Division website has detailed information for each scenario. If you have trouble at any point in the process, there are several places to find help. A good first step is to check the University Division website: There are detailed menus and lots of frequently asked questions where you might quickly find your answer. If you experience technical problems while completing registering, reach out to Student Central. You can chat with a representative at their website or give them a call. And of course, you can email your advisor or schedule an appointment anytime. Happy registering, Hoosiers!

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