International Students

Important information for international students

Generally, the information detailed in the New Students section of this website applies in the same way to new international students as it does to new domestic students. However, new international students must be aware of additional steps and requirements that are important to the New Student Orientation (NSO) experience and to a successful start at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB).

Reporting to IUB (new international student arrival policy)

As an undergraduate international student new to IUB, you must attend NSO prior to the beginning of the term. Required reporting dates are noted on your I-20 or DS2019 and you must make every effort to arrive on or before that date. If you do not report to IUB within three business days prior to the start of classes (and complete the orientation process as scheduled) you will not be allowed to register for that term.

The TOEFL test

As of fall 2012, a minimum score of 79 on the TOEFL Internet-Based Test (or a score of 550 on the TOEFL Paper-Based Test or an equivalent) will be an admission requirement for all new international students. See specific additional information available from the Office of International Services (OIS).

Taking the Indiana Academic English Test (IAET)

As of Spring 2017, if you do not have citizenship in an English-speaking country, and if you do not have a minimum score of 105 on the TOEFL Internet-Based Test (or a score of 620 on the TOEFL Paper-Based Test or an equivalent), you will be required to take the Indiana Academic English Proficiency Exam (IAET) before starting classes as a degree-seeking student. 

Additional IAET Exemption criteria:

  • IELTS Score: 7.5
  • MELAB Score: 87
  • 45 Transferable Credits
  • Have or will receive credit for English Composition AND Public Speaking, either by equivalent transfer course(s) and/or AP/IB credit, or exemptions that apply to all undergraduate students (SAT/ACT).

This exam is arranged for you as a part of your orientation program. The exam includes both a written component and a verbal/discussion component. You will learn the results of your performance on the IAET in your scheduled one-on-one conference with an academic advisor. See specific additional information about the IAET on the OIS web site.

Depending on the IAET results, you may be required to take between one and six English Language Improvement courses in the English Language Improvement Program or to enroll in the Intensive English Program (IEP). These courses meet for 8 weeks and some of them must be taken in a specific sequence. They are best completed within the first year of enrollment at IUB.  Admission to the Kelley School of Business requires the completion of all required English Language Improvement Program courses.

Evaluating international transfer credit

Many courses from international institutions will not transfer as specific IUB courses and therefore will only count as elective credits. Discuss concerns you may have with OIS. University Division has no influence on this decision process.

No international versions of Kelley School of Business courses will transfer as specific IUB courses. All business courses taken outside the U.S. will be accepted for undistributed credit hours only, meaning they will count as business elective hours, but will not satisfy Kelley  course requirements.

Remaining in status

As an international student, you must register for, and remain enrolled in, a minimum of 12 credit hours (in a regular fall or spring term). See requirements about Staying in Status.

If you are beginning your studies in the summer, be aware there are very particular constraints described by the Office of International Services regarding summer terms and credits.

Additional questions

We understand that, as international students, you have specific questions that need to be answered. Please refer to our UD Knowledge Base to see a list of questions that students just like you have asked us.