No matter what major you're planning for, take advantage of tailored career advice and opportunities

As a University Division Student, you’ve got an assigned career coach in your corner. Whether you’re certain what you want to do or have no idea, your career advisor can help. Not sure where you’re headed? The Career Development Center can help with that, too.

We encourage you to visit the Career Development Center to discover a major and career you’ll love. The expert career advisors at the Career Development Center have all the tools to help you:

Career Courses

Career courses are a great way to explore careers and learn strategies for professional development. Below is a list of possible career courses at IU Bloomington. Make an appointment with your advisor to talk about other courses to help you explore your academic and professional interests.

Look up courses in your iGPS Plan to read course descriptions and add them to your schedule.

Open to any major.

Freshmen and Sophomores only.

Career planning and self-exploration for students interested in exploring their options.

Intended for College of Arts & Sciences majors, with different sections devoted to different, broad career fields (read class notes to find the section that corresponds to your major).

Requires Sophomore standing.

Business focus, but open to any major.

Taking BUS-T175 and T275 gives students access to Kelley Undergraduate Career Services, regardless of major.

Open to any student interested in education careers.

Intended for Psychology or Neuroscience majors. May require permission (see Class Notes for instructions on how to request permission).

Best taken during Freshmen year.

Open to any student interested in technology.

Freshmen or Sophomore standing.

Intended for O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs majors.

Best taken during sophomore year to prepare for required O'Neill internship experience.

Open to any student interested in helping professions (such as medicine, nursing, allied health, social work, education, fitness, or life coaching).

Well-suited for first and second-year students.