Transfer Students

Important information for transfer students

While the information detailed in the New Students section of this website generally applies to all students, including transfer students, it is very important that you also pay particular attention to the following critical transfer instructions as you prepare for New Student Orientation (NSO).

New Student Orientation

Transfer students are required to attend NSO. At NSO, you will connect with other transfer students, learn about the campus and resources, and meet with an academic advisor to register for courses.

Initially, there will be a hold preventing you from registering for classes. In the morning, you will attend an informational session with academic advisors to briefly discuss degree requirements, resources available to you as a transfer student, and the Transfer Advising Pass. 

In the afternoon, you will bring your Transfer Advising Pass to an academic advisor and build a plan for your first semester. Once you meet with an advisor, we will remove the hold so you can enroll in courses.

Your Transfer Courses and Transcripts

Courses taken through any IU campus will automatically appear on your transcript. It is very important that you bring either transcripts or a complete list of every non-IU college-level course you've taken.