Returning Students

Returning to IU Bloomington

If you have attended IU Bloomington in the past as a University Division student and wish to return, complete the Returning Student Application for electronic submission.

This applies to students who have not enrolled at IU Bloomington for a semester or longer for any reason other than academic dismissal, including taking time off for medical or financial reasons and wishing to return after transferring for a semester or more from IUB to a regional campus.

If you have been dismissed from University Division and hope to return to IU Bloomington, you may petition for reinstatement. Access the petition and learn more about the process on the Reinstatement page.

Please allow a few business days to process the Returning Student Application, although in some cases it may take longer.

  • If you had certified to another School or Division (Kelley, Jacobs, Arts & Sciences, etc.) you will need to contact that School or Division to let them know you wish to return.
  • If you have already received an undergraduate degree, depending on what you are pursuing, you may apply to the University Graduate School to be admitted as a graduate student or to another School or Division (Kelley, Jacobs, Arts & Sciences, etc.) as a second-degree undergraduate. Please visit those offices' websites for more information on applying for another degree. If you would like to take undergraduate classes as a non-degree seeking student, please review the information on the non-degree website and find the enrollment application.
  • The Returning Student Application can only be filed within a year of the term for which you wish to return, and preferably only one term ahead of time. If you intend to return to IUB in more than a year, please wait to file the application until closer to the time you wish to return.
  • If you were admitted to IU Bloomington but never attended, or withdrew from classes before the end of the first week of classes (meaning no enrollment shows on your IUB transcript) you cannot be considered a returning student and must submit a new application for admission to IU Bloomington. Please check with the Office of Admissions on how to proceed.

Please contact the University Division Records Office by phone at (812) 855-7797 or by email at with any questions about either process.

We recommend that you meet with an advisor for academic planning. Email or call (812) 855-6768 to schedule an appointment with an advisor or to talk to an advisor on duty.