Scholarship funding

For information about most scholarships at IUB check out the Office of Scholarships.

Cox Exploratory Scholarship

The Cox Exploratory Scholars Program provides for hard-working Indiana residents who are academically strong, have demonstrated financial need, and have a desire to explore a number of identified majors.

Students apply for this scholarship during their senior year of high school.

This scholarship requires a work commitment of 10 hours/week in a job on campus. Jobs are selected to complement the student's career and major interests.

Pelsor Scholarship

The Amanda Jean Pelsor Scholarship is awarded annually to one or two high-achieving University Division students who have completed at least one semester at Indiana University Bloomington, have declared business as a major, and are fulfilling the intent of Amanda Pelsor's parents.

Students are invited to apply by University Division based on GPA, declared major, and other factors. If you have been selected you will be invited to submit an application for review by the Pelsor Scholarship Committee. Preference is given to students who graduated from Northmont High School in Clayton, Ohio, Franklin County High School in Brookville, Indiana, and McAuley High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, and to students who are asthmatic, have eczema, food allergies, or other medical conditions.

About Amanda Jean Pelsor

Amanda Jean Pelsor exemplified dedication, enthusiasm, and optimism as an IU freshman. She knew that she would obtain a degree in business from IU, she knew that IU would win at least one NCAA Basketball Championship during her undergraduate studies, and she knew that upon graduation she would be employed by the Disney Corporation.

Soon after her birth in 1976 it was discovered that Amanda had asthma. This disease became progressively worse with each passing year. Subsequently, Amanda developed significant food allergies and severe eczema. Consequently, breathing, an involuntary and routine activity, could not be taken for granted. Eating was not a pleasurable experience. Long sleeve shirts were routinely worn to cover the skin blemishes caused by the eczema. Each of these medical conditions were, in reality, life threatening. However, Amanda refused to let these physical anomalies thwart her academic pursuits or her love for life and especially sports.

Amanda was a successful student while attending Northmont High School in Dayton, Ohio. Although Amanda cherished life in general, her passion for sports, especially basketball, was undeniable. Her dad relates that the main reason Amanda chose IU over Ohio State was that IU had better basketball. Amanda enjoyed playing softball, but her participation was restricted by the asthma; however, she was able to satisfy this passion by playing first base and/or pitcher, positions that required limited running, and, therefore, did not elicit asthmatic attacks.

Amanda was assigned as a resident in Teter Quad, Raab Hall, where she was considered an excellent citizen with a friendly smile, a sense of humor, and quick wit. She delighted many of her fellow residents by expressing herself in a manner that defied her general demeanor. It was Amanda's goal to obtain a degree that would enable her to work for Disney World. She admired everything that Disney represented and wanted to become a part of bringing joy to others. Her ultimate goal in life was to be a CEO at Disney.

On November 10, 1994, Amanda's dreams came to an end. While attending a Thanksgiving meal at her dorm, she inadvertently ingested a nut. Immediately after this dinner she walked across campus to attend her Spanish class. Following class she walked back to her dorm. The night was cold and made breathing extremely difficult for Amanda. Upon arriving at her room she went into shock and unconsciousness, and later died at Bloomington Hospital due to a delayed anaphylactic reaction (allergic reaction). Ironically, Amanda's life was taken the night before IU's first basketball game of the 1994-1995 season.