Choosing Courses

Wondering what courses to take?

At Indiana University Bloomington (IUB), you have hundreds of courses available to you. Making thoughtful choices about your courses is one of the most important steps you can take as you develop your academic and career plan. Use this opportunity to sample the unknown, to learn about subjects that are unfamiliar, and to be open to new ways of thinking. Be intentional. You can find courses that are both engaging and that offer you valuable life skills.

What courses fulfill General Education requirements?

All IUB students, regardless of major, will fulfill a set of essential, skill-building requirements. This group of courses is referred to as the IUB General Education Curriculum (or “IUB GenEd,” for short) and, if chosen thoughtfully, will assist you with exploring majors and careers that interest you. Many of the “Recommended 1st Courses” listed by departments in Explore Programs also fulfill IUB GenEd requirements.

Visit the IUBOVPUE YouTube channel to hear more about IUB GenEd from students, faculty, and advisors.

IU Bloomington General Education Requirements

The following requirements apply to every undergraduate student who began studies on the IUB campus in the summer of 2011 or later:

Should I take courses for my major in my first semester?

Every major recommends courses that are not only appropriate for your first semester at IUB but also assist you with making degree progress. Whether you take a major course in your first semester depends on your level of interest in that major and your academic and career goals.

Use Explore Programs to find the complete list of majors available at IUB. Select your majors of interest to find the recommended first courses.