Your new academic advising home

Welcome! University Division (UD) is here to help you get a good start academically on the Bloomington campus. UD is the first-year academic home and the advising resource for most new IU Bloomington undergraduate students and for students beyond the first year who continue to prepare for admission to degree-granting programs.

UD's Role

UD is committed to your academic success. You will be assigned to an academic advisor to assist you as you make the transitions to academic life at IU and from UD into a degree-granting school. You will meet your assigned advisor in the week that you arrive on campus.

UD is committed to your academic progress. UD’s administrators, academic advisors, and Records Office staff are here to support you in making good use of your time and tuition dollars. Take full advantage of UD’s services as you begin to navigate your course toward graduation.

UD is committed to your development. Your education at IU is all about you. UD’s job is to provide you with information, referrals, space, and support so you can learn to make academic decisions with confidence. Your job is to explore academic options and to make the decisions that build an educational plan that reflects your unique interests and career goals.