Critical Registration and Advising Information

Your Enrollment Plan

Your enrollment plan was produced in a joint effort by you and an NSO advisor. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the following NSO notes pertaining to your specific enrollment plan.

Registration and course placement disclaimer

The advisor provided primary recommended courses based on your performance from placement exam(s). Additional courses were recommended to reflect your major or exploratory interests. Lastly, GenEd courses were recommended as part of the IUB common ground requirements prior to graduation. However, the final course registration list is made by the student who assumes responsibility for all academic expectations.

If you decide to change academic major/interest, you can contact for appropriate major alternative courses. If you want to change GenEd courses, you can search for alternatives on the General Education website. You can make changes to your class schedules on your own via and by then searching for the “add/drop” function. A processing fee will apply when changes are made two days after the original registration date. Drop/Add via instructions can be found on Student Central's website.

Information for All Students

Information for Specific Students