What is a GPA?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of the grade points earned from all classes taken over a specific period of time. A semester GPA is the grade point average you received during a semester. A cumulative GPA is the Grade Point Average of your overall academic performance and includes all course work pursued at all IU campuses.

At the bottom of your unofficial IU Bloomington transcript you will find two cumulative GPAs:

  1. Student Undergraduate Program Summary (Program GPA). The Program GPA is the GPA for the student’s school (such as the College of Arts and Sciences). Each school at IU Bloomington has its own rules regarding what courses may be used in the calculation of the school or program GPA. To learn about these GPA rules for your school (program), consult the school bulletin.
  2. Indiana University Undergraduate Summary (IU GPA). The IU GPA is the cumulative GPA that will appear on your official transcript. University Division uses the IU cumulative GPA to determine a student’s academic standing.

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