What are my rights to privacy as a student?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects your confidentiality by placing certain restrictions on the disclosure of information contained in your educational records.  University Division is committed to protecting this confidentiality.

No third party, including your parents (unless you are a dependent for tax purposes), may have access to your educational records unless you specifically authorize them to do so in writing.   If you wish for any third party to have access to your records, you may consent to waive your rights under FERPA by signing a Release of Information (ROI) form and specifically listing the individuals to whom this information may be released.

 To complete a Release of Information form, log in on the OVPUE Student Forms webpage, then click “Release of Information” and follow the form instructions.

If you consent to waive your FERPA rights, you have the right to inspect any records released pursuant to the consent, and you have the right to revoke the consent at any time.  You have the absolute right not to consent to the release of your educational records, and you should not feel any pressure to do so.

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