What are Early Evaluation grades? How do I view them?

Early Evaluation grades provide a quick check of how you are doing in your classes before the midpoint of the semester. They are not official, but they deserve your attention.

Early Evaluation grades are:

  • Provided primarily for freshmen and sophomores in UD and for students enrolled in General Education Common Ground courses
  • Posted before the midpoint of the semester, beginning with the fourth week of classes
  • Not a part of your permanent record
  • Not provided by every instructor or for every course

To view your Early Evaluation grades:

  • Go to "My Academics and Grades" in your One.IU Student Center
  • Click on "View Grades"
  • Click on the "Midterms" tab

If your Early Evaluation grades are lower than you expected:

  • Contact your instructor to set up an appointment to discuss your situation and get advice
  • See your advisor to discuss your options and get suggestions or referrals to academic support services