How do I run an Advisement Report?

The Advisement Report (AAR) is also referred to as a Degree Progress Report

  1. Log on to One.IU, go to the Student Center, click on the link “My Academics and Grades”, and then click on “View My Advisement report.”
  2. Read the information on the screen that appears and then select your “Institution” (Bloomington) and “Report Type”. The “Report Type” includes options that allow you to include courses from your Planner or Shopping cart in the report to see how they will count.
  3. Push the “Process Request” button to run the report.
  4. At the top of the report find and click on the “Expand All” button to ensure that you will see the complete report.
  5. Scroll through your report and compare it to the list of requirements that are provided in the Bulletin for your school. Look for the following:
      • Requirements that you have satisifed will be indicated as "Satisfied" in black text.  Below each course requirement that you have satisfied the report should list the course or courses that you took that met the requirement.
      • Requirments that you ahve not satisfied will be indicated as "Not Satisfied" in red text.
      • In addition to course requirements, the report tracks requirements like "total credit hours" and "major GPA".

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