How do I get into my major?

There are two ways to get into a major, either through Certification to a Major or Admission by Application.

Certification to a Major

Students with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences (except Contemporary Dance), School of Informatics (except Intelligent Systems Engineering), School of Education, and most School of Public Health programs are transferred from University Division through a process called “Certification”. That is, they are admitted into their majors automatically, three times a year, when minimum requirements are met. Click Entering a School below to see the eligibility requirement information for your intended school.

Admission by Application

Students with majors that require an application must meet all of the eligibility requirements, complete, and then submit an application by the deadline. Being eligible to apply to a program is not the same thing as being admitted. Click Entering a School below to see the eligibility requirement information for your intended school.

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