Restricted Admission Major Policy

Students in University Division plan for two majors. At least 60% of IUB students will change their major in the first year.

To ensure that University Division (UD) students make appropriate progress toward completion of a degree, UD students pursuing a major with restricted admission must declare a second (alternative) major before they can register for their next semester. The alternative major must be less restrictive for admission than their primary major.

For purposes of this policy, a restricted admission major is defined as any major that requires a cumulative GPA above 2.000 or an in-major GPA above 2.000 for admission or certification. UD students whose primary major is restricted admission will have a registration hold on their records until they declare a second major that is less restrictive. Students pursuing admission to a restricted admission major are expected to engage in parallel planning toward both their primary and secondary majors until they are admitted to one or both majors.