UD Services Fee

University Division services fee

All University Division students are assessed a UD services fee (appearing as VPUE Services Fee on your Bursar account statement). For the 2018-2019 academic year, freshmen and sophomores will be charged $56.84 in the fall for the normal academic year (fall and spring terms), and juniors and seniors will be charged $113.68 for the year. The fee amount may change in future years if you continue to enroll through UD. A fee will be assessed for each year you are enrolled through University Division and will appear on your Bursar bill along with your other fall tuition fees. If you are a spring admit, or did not attend fall and are returning for the spring, half of the full fee will be assessed along with your spring tuition fees. A half fee will also be assessed for any student enrolling in the summer, as summer enrollment is not included in the full academic year fee charged in the fall.

This fee helps to support all University Division programs and services including Academic Advising, workshops, group meetings, etc., and is mandatory even if you do not utilize the services offered.

**If you are designated as a Direct Admit to Education, please know that this is a special program that allows you to be eligible to receive certain financial aid from the School of Education, as well as other services (including advising), but it does not mean you are officially in the School of Education. You must still complete all admission requirements to the School of Education and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program just as any other pre-Education UD student. You are therefore still assessed the UD services fee.