Learn from other Exploratory students

Learn from other Exploratory students

The IU Peer Coaches are Exploratory Scholars who can help you navigate your IU experience and find your way. Read their stories and advice.

Josh, Computer Science major

“I wasn't sure if college was even for me when I initially came to IU, so picking a major seemed especially tricky. After doing well in AP Physics and AP Calculus in high school, I felt that physics could be a fitting major for me. I quickly realized, however, that not only was the subject material difficult, I also had no passion for physics, which made studying and doing homework that much harder. I was stressed and was not enjoying my classes and I made these concerns clear to my advisor who suggested I take an exploratory semester.

For that semester, with the help of my advisor, I took a wide variety of classes, which allowed me to find something I was truly passionate about, computer science. I found myself not dreading homework but actually looking forward to it. After discussing my experiences with my advisor, I decided to switch my major. It was a perfect choice for me because, while the material is far from easy, my passion for the subject makes the work quite worthwhile. If I would have let fear keep me from taking an exploratory semester, I would still be stuck in a major I did not enjoy.”

Chelsie, Informatics and Graphic Design major

“Please don't sweat it so much if what you thought would be your main path of study in college has completely changed. That's okay. Coming into University Division (UD) and figuring out what classes you want to take, and have to take, is part of the experience. How you can become your own person and find your strengths is by taking a class that sparks your interest, even if you don't know anyone else who is taking it or you think you need to wait until you're sure about your path. No. Take it. If you would like to graduate in four years, your best plan is to explore right away and to take classes that excite you.”