Ask Questions - Gather Answers

Ask Questions - Gather Answers

Below are some questions and resources to guide your research.

Seek advice from your University Division academic advisor about people you might meet with and what questions to ask them. If you are having trouble navigating through the online resources, see an IU Peer Coach for help.

Be sure to keep track of the resources you use and the contact information for the people you meet. Take careful notes. You will want to refer to this information throughout your exploration.

What do I enjoy studying and what types of work do I find satisfying?

Expand on what you know about your values, interests, personality, and skills.

What would I study and learn in this major?

Read degree requirements and course descriptions and talk with people in the field.

What are the marketable skills I can gain through this major?

Most of the skills employers seek can be gained through any college degree, but there are also specialized skills that can be gained through specific majors.

Are there specific career options related to this major?

Most majors will lead to many different possible careers, but it can be useful to learn the typical career pursuits of specific majors.

Are there any special opportunities associated with this major?

Some examples to look for include: undergraduate research, scholarships, student organizations, tutoring, departmental honors, undergraduate teaching internships, and housing options like Living Learning Centers.

  • School and Department Websites
  • Search student organizations through the BeInvolved site available through Student Life and Learning.
  • Explore Residential Programs associated with your interests.
  • Talk with the academic advisor for the major.
  • Talk with a professor who teaches in the major.