Professional Foundations Certificate

Establish the groundwork for long-term success at IU and beyond with the Professional Foundations Certificate!

The Leaderboard

As you complete milestones for the Professional Foundations Certificate, you will earn eligibility for a monthly drawing for FREE Mother Bear's Pizza. 

All students who complete the program will earn a Professional Foundations Certificate on their co-curricular transcript. (What is a co-curricular transcript? Watch this video from beINvolved to learn more!)

What is the Professional Foundations Certificate?

The Professional Foundations Certificate is a first-year milestones program in which you will: 

  • attend exploratory events to define your academic and career interests
  • engage in long-term academic and career planning using iGPS tools and Career Development Center resources
  • develop academic skills with IU Peer Coaches and Student Academic Center resources
  • develop leadership skills through involvement and career opportunities

The Professional Foundations Certificate is intended for first-year University Division students. Other students may not have access to complete the milestones.

How do I get started? 

Go to and login with your CAS login. 

After you login, on the front page of beINvolved, scroll down to "Paths." Click on the Professional Foundations Certificate to start completing your milestones! 

Don't see the Professional Foundations Certificate there? Email to request access.

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