Transfer Students

Welcome to IU Bloomington!

While all information in the New Students section of this website generally applies to all students, including you as a transfer students, it is very important that you also pay particular attention to the following critical transfer instructions as you prepare for New Student Orientation.


Transfer students are required to attend orientation. Initially, there will be a hold preventing you from registering for classes. After you present your completed Transfer Advising Pass at orientation (explained below) and have met with an advisor, we will remove the hold so you can enroll. You must complete your Transfer Advising Pass prior to arriving for Orientation. There will be little time to do so on the day of orientation.

Advising Pass

The Transfer Advising Pass is just what it sounds like: your completed checklist and Pass serve as your ticket to advising and registration. By completing the checklist on the Advising Pass, you should be able to determine much of what you need to register for in the upcoming term. Write down any questions you have, and your orientation advisor will help you.

Your Transfer Courses and Transcripts

It is very important that you bring either transcripts or a complete list of each and every non-IU college-level course you've taken. It is equally critical that you follow the simple instructions on your Transfer Advising Pass to determine how any non-IU classes will transfer to IUB, if they have not already appeared on your IU transcript. Doing so prior to Orientation is vital, as there will be little time for you to do so on the day of orientation!  Courses taken through any IU campus will automatically appear on your transcript.

Transfer Success

Many of the skills you have developed at your previous school will be useful in your transition, but transferring to a new university requires you to learn about a new campus and its culture. You may need to develop new skills to help you make a successful transition to IUB. To help, our current transfer students have offered to share some of their words of wisdom with you.

Your Additional Orientation Questions

First check the UD Knowledge Base to see a list of questions students just like you have asked us. Write down any remaining questions to ask during orientation.

And remember to bring your completed Transfer Advising Pass to your Transfer Orientation Meeting.