New Students

Your active participation begins now. Proceed through the steps listed below as you prepare for your Orientation experience.

  1. Explore Programs: Discover majors that are a good fit for you. Be sure to click on "Recommended 1st Courses" to view course options.
  2. Choosing Courses: Learn about IUB General Education classes that will meet requirements, interest you, and help you succeed.
  3. Transferred Credit: Check to see if all the courses you believe you have credit for (including credit from tests, high school, or transfer courses) are listed on your unofficial transcript. From One.IU search for "iGPS Plan. Log in and click “Check my test, transfer and other credit” link. Check “Transfer Credits” and “Test Credits” tabs.
  4. Missing Credit: If you have college credit from other institutions that has not been posted to your transcript, use the Credit Transfer Service to determine if the courses from other institutions will transfer to IUB. The Core Transfer Library can be helpful in determining how courses will transfer from one IU campus to another.
  5. Major-to-Career Pathways: Visit the Career Development Center for resources that will help you explore majors and careers that match your values, interests, skills, and personality. Complete your Aspirational Resume
  6. Entering a SchoolUnderstand admission requirements for degree programs that interest you. Learn how to declare or change your intended major.