Exploratory Students

With planning, you can begin as Exploratory and graduate in four years. UD advisors can help you choose classes that will allow you to explore your interests while satisfying degree requirements. Follow these steps to prepare for your orientation advising meeting, and begin your exploration!

  1. Use the Explore Programs tool to find majors that interest you. 
  2. Select majors that interest you and read the program descriptions and recommended first courses. Takes notes about what catches your interest and write the questions you want to ask your advisor during orientation.
  3. Use the iGPS Course Search to read course descriptions for the recommended first courses. Make a list of potential courses for your first term.
  4. Take IUB General Education courses to explore your interests. All students, regardless of major, must complete the IUB Gen Ed requirements. You may notice some recommended first courses for majors you are exploring will also satisfy IUB Gen Ed requirements.
  5. Consider taking one of the Exploratory courses listed below to explore majors and careers.

ASCS-Q 294 College to Career I: Explore Your Options
BUS-T 175 Kelley Compass I: The Individual
INFO-Y 100 Exploring Informatics and Computer Science

If you have any questions before you come to Bloomington, please use your IU email account to contact us at udivhelp@indiana.edu.

During orientation advising, let your advisor know that you are Exploratory and be prepared to discuss your interests!