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African American and African Diaspora Studies
American Studies
Animal Behavior
Apparel Merchandising
Art History
Arts Management
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Athletic Training
Central Eurasian Studies
Classical Civilization
Classical Studies
Cognitive Science
Community Health
Comparative Literature
Comprehensive Design
Computational Linguistics
Computer Science BA
Computer Science BS
Criminal Justice
Early Music
East Asian Languages and Cultures
East Asian Studies
Economic Consulting
Education: Chemistry, Grades 5-12
Education: Early Childhood Education
Education: Earth/Space Science, Grades 5-12
Education: Elementary Education: Theory into Practice
Education: Elementary Special Education (Teaching All Learners)
Education: Exceptional Needs-Early & Late Adolescence
Education: Health Education
Education: Journalism, Grades 5-12
Education: Language Arts/English, Grades 5-12
Education: Life Science/Biology, Grades 5-12
Education: Mathematics, Grades 5 - 12
Education: Physical Education Teacher Education
Education: Physics, Grades 5-12
Education: Social Studies, Grades 5-12
Education: Theatre, Grades 5-12
Education: Visual Art (All Grades)
Education: World Languages (All Grades)
Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation
Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Environmental Health
Environmental Management
Environmental Science
Exercise Science
Fashion Design
Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Game Design
Gender Studies
Geological Sciences
German Studies
Healthcare Management and Policy
Health Fitness Specialist
Human Biology
Human Development and Family Studies
Human Resource Management
India Studies
Information Systems
Intelligent Systems Engineering
Interior Design
International Business
International Studies
Jazz Studies
Jewish Studies
Labor Studies
Law, Ethics and Decisionmaking
Law and Public Policy
Liberal Studies
Musical Theatre
Music and an Outside Field
Music Composition
Music Education
Music Performance
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Nutrition Science
Operations Management
Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology
Policy Analysis
Political Science
Professional Sales
Public, Nonprofit, and Community Recreation
Public and Nonprofit Management
Public Financial Management
Public Policy Analysis
Real Estate
Recording Arts
Recreational Therapy
Religious Studies
Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
Social Work
Speech and Hearing Sciences
Sport Marketing and Management
Studio Art
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Business
Technology Management
Theatre and Drama
Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management
Youth Development
African American and African Diaspora Studies
African Expressive Culture
African Languages
African Studies
American Studies
Animal Behavior
Anthropology of Food
Apparel Merchandising
Art History
Arts Management
Asian American Studies Minor
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Black Cinema and Media
Central Eurasian Studies
Central Eurasian Studies with Language Certification
Classical Civilization
Cognitive Science
Communication and Public Advocacy
Comparative Arts
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Conducting for BME Students
Counseling (Non-Teaching)
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Early Music
East Asian Languages
East Asian Studies
Economics and Political Science
Educational Studies (Non-teaching)
Education Policy
Electronic Music
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Environmental Management
Environmental Science
Environmental Science and Health
European Studies
European Union Studies
Event Planning
Exercise Science
Fashion Design
Financial Literacy
Fitness Instruction
Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Fundraising and Resource Development
Gender Studies
Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
Geological Sciences
Germanic Studies
Global Health Promotion
Global Media
Healthcare Management and Policy
Health Studies
History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
Hospitality Services
Human-Centered Computing
Human Development and Family Studies
Human Resource Management
Human Sexuality
India Studies
Information Systems
Information Technology
Intelligence Studies
International and Comparative Education (Non-teaching)
International Relations
International Studies
Jazz Studies
Jewish Studies
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Latino Studies
Law and Public Policy
Media, Sex and Gender
Media and Creative Advertising
Media and Diversity
Media Law and Ethics
Media Persuasion
Medical Sciences
Medieval Studies
Music Education
Music Theory
Music Theory and History
Native American and Indigenous Studies
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Nonprofit Management
Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology
Parks and Recreation Administration
Philosophy of Mind and Cognition
Philosophy of the Arts
Policy Studies
Polish Studies
Political Science
Political Science and Economics
Public and Environmental Affairs
Public Finance
Public Health
Public Management
Recreational Sport Management
Religious Studies
Russian and East European Studies
Russian and East European Studies with Language Certification
Second Language Studies
Security Informatics
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Social Science and Medicine
Social Welfare Advocacy
Sociology of Work and Business
Sport Marketing and Management
Studio Art
Theatre and Drama
Therapeutic Outdoor Programs
Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management
Urban Planning and Community Development
World Political Systems
Youth Development
Youth Sport Management
AAAD-A 112Black Music of Two WorldsAHWC
AAAD-A 131Early African American and African Diaspora LiteratureAH
AAAD-A 132Recent African American and African Diaspora LiteratureAH
AAAD-A 150Survey of the Culture of Black AmericansAH
AAAD-A 154History of Race in the AmericasSHWC
AAAD-A 156Black Liberation Struggles against Jim Crow and ApartheidSHWC
AAAD-A 169Introduction to African American LiteratureAH
AAAD-A 203Studying Blacks of the New World: African Americans and Africans in the African DiasporaSH
AAAD-A 205Black Electoral PoliticsSH
AAAD-A 210Black Women in the DiasporaSH
AAAD-A 221Dance in the African DiasporaWC
AAAD-A 238Communication in Black AmericaAH
AAAD-A 249African American AutobiographyAH
AAAD-A 250U.S. Contemporary MinoritiesSH
AAAD-A 252African American Art I: African HeritageAH
AAAD-A 255The Black Church in AmericaSH
AAAD-A 264History of Sports and the African American ExperienceSH
AAAD-A 265Modern Sports and the African American ExperienceSH
AAAD-A 277Images of Blacks in Films: 1903-1950sAH
AAAD-A 278Contemporary Black FilmAH
AAAD-A 290Sociocultural Perspective of African American MusicAH
AAAD-A 295Survey of Hip HopAH
AAAD-A 297Popular Music of Black AmericaAH
AAST-A 101Introduction to Asian American StudiesSH
AAST-A 200Asian American LiteratureAH
AAST-A 201Asian Diaspora ExperienceAHWC
AFRI-L 231African CivilizationSHWC
AFRI-L 232Contemporary AfricaSHWC
AMID-D 191Design Studies: Form and FunctionAH
AMST-A 100What is America?WC
AMST-A 150Introduction to Native American and Indigenous StudiesSH
AMST-A 200Comparative American IdentitiesAH
AMST-A 201U.S. Movements and InstitutionsSH
AMST-A 202U.S. Arts and MediaAH
ANAT-A 215Basic Human AnatomyNM
ANTH-A 107Becoming Human: Evolving Genes, Bodies, Behavior, IdeasNM
ANTH-A 122Interpersonal CommunicationSH
ANTH-A 200Topics in Anthropology of Culture and SocietySH
ANTH-A 208Topics in the Anthropology of the Arts and Expressive BehaviorAH
ANTH-A 211Anthropology Topics in the Natural and Mathematical SciencesNM
ANTH-A 221Anthropology of FoodSH
ANTH-B 200BioanthropologyNM
ANTH-B 260Biocultural Medical AnthropologyNM
ANTH-E 101Sustainability and SocietySH
ANTH-E 105Culture and SocietySH
ANTH-E 200Social and Cultural AnthropologySH
ANTH-E 206Chanting Down Babylon: Protest and Popular Culture in the Afro-CaribbeanSHWC
ANTH-E 208Global Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-Hop: African Diasporic Music Beyond the African DiasporaAH
ANTH-E 210Rethinking Race GloballySH
ANTH-E 220Performing Human/Nature: Defining Relationships with the EnvironmentAH
ANTH-E 230American Ethnic DiversitySH
ANTH-E 260Culture, Health, and IllnessSH
ANTH-L 200Language and CultureSH
ANTH-L 208Ways of SpeakingSH
ANTH-P 200Introduction to ArchaeologySH
ANTH-P 210Life in the Stone AgeSH
ANTH-P 215The Archaeology of SexSH
ANTH-P 230Archaeology of the Ancient MayaSHWC
ANTH-P 240Archaeology of the MoviesSH
ANTH-P 250Introductory World ArcheologySHWC
ARTH-A 101Ancient and Medieval ArtSHWC
ARTH-A 102Renaissance through Modern ArtSHWC
ARTH-A 155Introduction to African ArtWC
ARTH-A 160Introduction to East Asian ArtWC
ARTH-A 206Classical Art and ArchaeologyAHWC
ARTH-A 214Art and Life in Ancient RomeSH
ARTH-A 220American Arts/American Identities, 1776-1945AH
ARTH-A 226Survey of Medieval ArtAHWC
ARTH-A 231The Age of Giants: Art in the Time of Leonardo and MichelangeloAH
ARTH-A 233Renaissance and Baroque Art in Italy 1250-1700SH
ARTH-A 234Renaissance FlorenceAHWC
ARTH-A 262Introduction to Japanese Art and CultureWC
ARTH-A 280The Art of ComicsAH
ARTH-A 290Architecture for Planet EarthSH
ARTH-H 100Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture for Non-MajorsAH
AST-A 100The Solar SystemNM
AST-A 102Gravity, the Great Attractor: Evolution of Planets, Stars, and GalaxiesNM
AST-A 103The Search for Life in the UniverseNM
AST-A 105Stars and GalaxiesNM
AST-A 107The Art of Astronomy: Images of the UniverseNM
AST-A 115Birth and Death of the UniverseNM
AST-A 221General Astronomy INM
AST-A 222General Astronomy IINM
BIOL-L 100Humans and the Biological WorldNM
BIOL-L 104Introductory Biology LecturesNM
BIOL-L 111Foundations of Biology: Evolution and DiversityNM
BIOL-L 112Foundations of Biology: Biological MechanismsNM
BIOT-T 215Diagnostic and Forensic Biotechnology LaboratoryNM
BUS-F 260Personal FinanceSH
BUS-L 100Personal LawSH
BUS-L 201Legal Environment of BusinessSH
BUS-X 100Introduction to BusinessSH
CEUS-R 191Introduction to Central EurasiaSH
CEUS-R 250Introduction to the Ancient Near EastSHWC
CEUS-R 260The Great Wall of ChinaSH
CEUS-R 270The Civilization of TibetSHWC
CEUS-R 290Introduction to Central Asia, Mongolia, and TibetSHWC
CEUS-R 292Introduction to Turkic and Iranian CivilizationSHWC
CEUS-T 101Introductory Finnish IWL
CEUS-T 102Introductory Finnish IIWL
CEUS-T 103Introductory Estonian IWL
CEUS-T 104Introductory Estonian IIWL
CEUS-T 111Introductory Uzbek IWL
CEUS-T 112Introductory Uzbek IIWL
CEUS-T 113Introductory Kazakh IWL
CEUS-T 114Introductory Kazakh IIWL
CEUS-T 117Introductory Turkmen IWL
CEUS-T 118Introductory Turkmen IIWL
CEUS-T 131Introductory Uyghur IWL
CEUS-T 132Introductory Uyghur IIWL
CEUS-T 141Introductory Hungarian IWL
CEUS-T 142Introductory Hungarian IIWL
CEUS-T 151Introductory Persian IWL
CEUS-T 152Introductory Persian IIWL
CEUS-T 161Introductory Mongolian IWL
CEUS-T 162Introductory Mongolian IIWL
CEUS-T 171Introductory Tibetan IWL
CEUS-T 172Introductory Tibetan IIWL
CEUS-T 181Introductory Turkish IWL
CEUS-T 182Introductory Turkish IIWL
CEUS-T 183Introductory Azerbaijani IWL
CEUS-T 184Introductory Azerbaijani IIWL
CEUS-T 201Intermediate Finnish IWL
CEUS-T 202Intermediate Finnish IIWL
CEUS-T 203Intermediate Estonian IWL
CEUS-T 204Intermediate Estonian IIWL
CEUS-T 211Intermediate Uzbek IWL
CEUS-T 212Intermediate Uzbek IIWL
CEUS-T 213Intermediate Kazakh IWL
CEUS-T 214Intermediate Kazakh IIWL
CEUS-T 217Intermediate Turkmen IWL
CEUS-T 218Intermediate Turkmen IIWL
CEUS-T 231Intermediate Uyghur IWL
CEUS-T 232Intermediate Uyghur IIWL
CEUS-T 241Intermediate Hungarian IWL
CEUS-T 242Intermediate Hungarian IIWL
CEUS-T 251Intermediate Persian IWL
CEUS-T 252Intermediate Persian IIWL
CEUS-T 261Intermediate Mongolian IWL
CEUS-T 262Intermediate Mongolian IIWL
CEUS-T 271Intermediate Tibetan IWL
CEUS-T 272Intermediate Tibetan IIWL
CEUS-T 281Intermediate Turkish IWL
CEUS-T 282Intermediate Turkish IIWL
CEUS-T 283Intermediate Azerbaijani IWL
CEUS-T 284Intermediate Azerbaijani IIWL
CHEM-C 100The World as ChemistryNM
CHEM-C 101Elementary Chemistry INM
CHEM-C 102Elementary Chemistry IINM
CHEM-C 103Introduction to Chemical PrinciplesNM
CHEM-C 117Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry INM
CHEM-C 118Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry IINM
CHEM-C 121Elementary Chemistry Laboratory INM
CHEM-C 122Elementary Chemistry Laboratory IINM
CHEM-C 127Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry LaboratoryNM
CHEM-S 117Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry, HonorsNM
CJUS-P 100Introduction to Criminal JusticeSH
CJUS-P 200Theories of Crime and DevianceSH
CLAS-C 101Ancient Greek CultureAHWC
CLAS-C 102Roman CultureAHWC
CLAS-C 205Classical MythologyAHWC
CLAS-C 206Classical Art and ArchaeologyAHWC
CLAS-G 100Elementary Greek IWL
CLAS-G 150Elementary Greek IIWL
CLAS-G 200Intermediate GreekWL
CLAS-G 250Introduction to Attic Greek Prose and PoetryWL
CLAS-L 100Elementary Latin IWL
CLAS-L 103Intermediate LatinWL
CLAS-L 150Elementary Latin IIWL
CLAS-L 200Second-Year Latin IWL
CLAS-L 250Second-Year Latin IIWL
CLLC-L 110Text, Image, SoundAH
CLLC-L 120Politics, Identity, and ResistanceSH
CLLC-L 130Science and the UniverseNM
CLLC-L 210Culture, the Arts, and SocietyAH
CLLC-L 220Uses of the PastSH
CLLC-L 230Life-Concepts and IssuesNM
CMLT-C 110Writing the WorldEC
CMLT-C 111Reading the WorldAH
CMLT-C 147Images of the Self: East and WestAHWC
CMLT-C 151Introduction to Popular CultureAH
CMLT-C 155Culture and the Modern Experience: An Interdisciplinary and International ApproachAH
CMLT-C 200Honors SeminarAH
CMLT-C 205Comparative Literary AnalysisAH
CMLT-C 216Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Western TraditionAH
CMLT-C 217Detective, Mystery, and Horror LiteratureAH
CMLT-C 219Romance and the Western TraditionAH
CMLT-C 251Lyrics and Popular SongAH
CMLT-C 252Literary and Television GenresAH
CMLT-C 255Modern Literature and Other Arts: An IntroductionAH
CMLT-C 257Asian Literature and Other ArtsAHWC
CMLT-C 261Introduction to African LiteratureAHWC
CMLT-C 262Cross-Cultural EncountersAHWC
CMLT-C 265Introduction to East Asian PoetryAHWC
CMLT-C 266Introduction to East Asian FictionWC
CMLT-C 291Studies in Non-Western FilmAHWC
COGS-Q 101Introduction to Cognitive ScienceNM
COGS-Q 240Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive and Information SciencesAH
COLL-C 103Critical Approaches to the Arts and HumanitiesAH
COLL-C 104Critical Approaches to the Social and Historical StudiesSH
COLL-C 105Critical Approaches to the Natural and Mathematical SciencesNM
COLL-S 103Freshman Seminar in Arts and HumanitiesAH
COLL-S 104Freshman Seminar in Social and Historical StudiesSH
COLL-S 105Freshman Seminar in Natural and Mathematical SciencesNM
CSCI-A 110Introduction to Computers and ComputingNM
CSCI-A 201Introduction to Programming INM
CSCI-A 202Introduction to Programming IINM
CSCI-C 102Great Ideas in ComputingNM
CSCI-C 211Introduction to Computer ScienceNM
CSCI-C 212Introduction to Software SystemsNM
CSCI-H 211Introduction to Computer ScienceNM
CSCI-H 212Introduction to Software Systems, HonorsNM
EALC-C 101Elementary Chinese IWL
EALC-C 102Elementary Chinese IIWL
EALC-C 103Advanced Elementary Chinese IWL
EALC-C 104Advanced Elementary Chinese IIWL
EALC-C 201Second-Year Chinese IWL
EALC-C 202Second-Year Chinese IIWL
EALC-E 100East Asia: An IntroductionAHWC
EALC-E 110Popular Culture in East AsiaAHWC
EALC-E 120Japanese Business and Public PolicySH
EALC-E 160The Daoist BodyWC
EALC-E 180Cross-Cultural Experiences of War: East Asia and the United StatesSHWC
EALC-E 201Issues in East Asian Literature (topic: Lords, Ladies, and Hermits in Early Japanese Literature)AHWC
EALC-E 203Issues in East Asian Cultural History (topic: Samurai: Culture and Violence in Premodern Japan)SHWC
EALC-E 231Japan: The Living TraditionWC
EALC-E 232China Past and Present: Culture in Continuing EvolutionWC
EALC-E 233Survey of Korean CivilizationWCSH
EALC-E 251Traditional East Asian CivilizationsSHWC
EALC-E 252Modern East Asian CivilizationSHWC
EALC-E 270Japanese Language and SocietyWC
EALC-E 271Modern and Contemporary Japanese CultureWCAH
EALC-J 101Elementary Japanese IWL
EALC-J 102Elementary Japanese IIWL
EALC-J 201Second-Year Japanese IWL
EALC-J 202Second-Year Japanese IIWL
EALC-K 101Elementary Korean IWL
EALC-K 102Elementary Korean IIWL
EALC-K 201Second-Year Korean IWL
EALC-K 202Second-Year Korean IIWL
ECON-E 115Everyday EconomicsSH
ECON-E 201Introduction to MicroeconomicsSH
ECON-E 202Introduction to MacroeconomicsSH
ECON-S 201Introduction to Microeconomics: HonorsSH
ECON-S 202Introduction to Macroeconomics: HonorsSH
EDUC-F 200Examining Self as a TeacherSH
EDUC-G 203Communication in the ClassroomSH
EDUC-G 204Asian American Mental HealthSH
EDUC-H 205Introduction to Educational ThoughtSH
EDUC-K 205Introduction to Exceptional ChildrenSH
EDUC-L 239Language and LearningSH
EDUC-M 200Artifacts, Museums, and Everyday LifeAH
EDUC-P 248The Elementary School Child: Physical, Emotional, and Social DevelopmentSH
EDUC-P 250General Educational PsychologySH
EDUC-U 212Current Issues in Undergraduate Life (topic: Higher Education and U.S. Society: Past and Present)SH
ENG-G 208World EnglishesWC
ENG-L 111Discovering LiteratureAH
ENG-L 112Experiencing World Cultures through Literatures in EnglishAH
ENG-L 203Introduction to DramaAH
ENG-L 204Introduction to FictionAH
ENG-L 205Introduction to PoetryAH
ENG-L 206Introduction to Prose (Excluding Fiction)AH
ENG-L 207Women and LiteratureAH
ENG-L 210Studies in Popular Literature and Mass MediaAH
ENG-L 213Literary Masterpieces IAH
ENG-L 214Literary Masterpieces IIAH
ENG-L 220Introduction to ShakespeareAH
ENG-L 223Introduction to Ethnic American LiteratureAH
ENG-L 224Introduction to World Literatures in EnglishAHWC
ENG-L 230Introduction to Science FictionAH
ENG-L 240Literature and Public LifeAH
ENG-L 241American Jewish WritersAH
ENG-L 249Representations of Gender and SexualityAH
ENG-L 260Introduction to the Advanced Study of LiteratureAH
ENG-L 295American Film CultureAH
ENG-R 212Communicating SustainabilitySH
ENG-R 222Democratic DeliberationAH
ENG-R 228Argumentation and Public AdvocacyAH
ENG-W 103Introductory Creative WritingAH
ENG-W 131Elementary CompositionEC
ENG-W 170Introduction to Argumentative Writing (topic: Projects in Reading and Writing)EC
EURO-E 100Beginning Modern Greek IWL
EURO-E 150Beginning Modern Greek IIWL
EURO-E 200Intermediate Modern Greek IWL
EURO-E 250Intermediate Modern Greek II: An Introduction to Modern Greek CultureWL
FINA-D 210Digital Art: Survey and PracticeAH
FINA-F 100Fundamental Studio--DrawingAH
FINA-F 101Fundamental Studio--3DAH
FINA-F 102Fundamental Studio--2DAH
FINA-N 110Introduction to Studio Art for NonmajorsAH
FINA-N 130Digital Imagery for NonmajorsAH
FINA-N 198Introduction to Photography for NonmajorsAH
FINA-S 270Sculpture IAH
FINA-S 271Introduction to Figurative SculptureAH
FINA-S 291Fundamentals of PhotographyAH
FOLK-E 112Black Music of Two WorldsAHWC
FOLK-E 114Music, Identity, and Social Life: Performance and Community ActionAH
FOLK-E 151Global Pop MusicAHWC
FOLK-E 295Survey of Hip HopAH
FOLK-E 297Popular Music of Black AmericaAH
FOLK-F 101Introduction to FolkloreAH
FOLK-F 111World Music and CultureAHWC
FOLK-F 121World Arts and CulturesSHWC
FOLK-F 131Folklore in the United StatesAH
FOLK-F 141Urban LegendAH
FOLK-F 205Folklore in Video and FilmAH
FOLK-F 210Myth, Legend, and Popular ScienceSH
FOLK-F 215Health and Morbidity in Traditional CulturesSH
FOLK-F 225Forms of CommemorationAH
FOLK-F 230Music in Social MovementsSH
FOLK-F 235Personal Narratives: A Course in Folklore and LiteratureAH
FOLK-F 252Folklore and the HumanitiesAH
FOLK-F 253Folklore and the Social SciencesSH
FOLK-F 256The Supernatural and FolkloreAH
FOLK-F 290Myth, Ritual, SymbolSH
FRIT-F 100Elementary French IWL
FRIT-F 115Accelerated Elementary FrenchWL
FRIT-F 150Elementary French II: Language and CultureWL
FRIT-F 200Second-Year French I: Language and CultureWL
FRIT-F 222Francophone Media StudiesWC
FRIT-F 225Studies in French CultureWC
FRIT-F 226Studies in French CivilizationWCSH
FRIT-F 227French Style: Food Fashion and Flair (topic: The Flavor(s) of French Culture)AH
FRIT-F 250Second-Year French II: Language and CultureWL
FRIT-F 265Accelerated Second-Year FrenchWL
FRIT-M 100Elementary Italian IWL
FRIT-M 110Italian Language through OperaWL
FRIT-M 115Accelerated Elementary ItalianWL
FRIT-M 150Elementary Italian IIWL
FRIT-M 200Intermediate Italian IWL
FRIT-M 215Accelerated Second-Year ItalianWL
FRIT-M 222Topics in Italian CultureAHWC
FRIT-M 234Florence in FlorenceAHWC
FRIT-M 235Rome, the City and the MythAHWC
FRIT-M 236Dante's Divine ComedyAHWC
FRIT-M 237Boccaccio's Social DecameronAHWC
FRIT-M 238Visual, Musical, and Literary Culture in ItalyAHWC
FRIT-M 250Intermediate Italian IIWL
GEOG-G 107Physical Systems of the EnvironmentNM
GEOG-G 109Weather and ClimateNM
GEOG-G 110Introduction to Human GeographySH
GEOG-G 120Regions of the WorldSH
GEOG-G 185Environmental Change: The End of the World as We Know It?NM
GEOG-G 208Environment and SocietyNM
GEOG-G 237Mapping Our WorldNM
GEOL-G 103Earth Science: Materials and ProcessesNM
GEOL-G 104Evolution of the EarthNM
GEOL-G 105Earth: Our Habitable PlanetNM
GEOL-G 111Physical GeologyNM
GEOL-G 112Historical GeologyNM
GEOL-G 114Dinosaurs and Their RelativesNM
GEOL-G 116Our Planet and Its FutureNM
GEOL-G 118Sustainability in Water ResourcesNM
GEOL-G 121Meteorites and Geological Processes in PlanetsNM
GEOL-G 122Introduction to Atmospheric ScienceNM
GEOL-G 131Oceans and Our Global EnvironmentNM
GEOL-G 138Geology of State and National Parks RevealedNM
GEOL-G 141Earthquakes and VolcanoesNM
GEOL-G 144Extreme Weather and Its ImpactsNM
GEOL-G 171Environmental GeologyNM
GEOL-G 188Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada: Geology and Natural Heritage of the Long Valley CalderaNM
GEOL-S 103Earth Science: Materials and Processes HonorsNM
GEOL-S 121Meteorites and Geological Processes in Planets, HonorsNM
GER-E 121An Introduction to German CultureWC
GER-E 122Fairy Tales from the Grimm Brothers to TodayWC
GER-G 100Beginning German IWL
GER-G 105Accelerated First-Year GermanWL
GER-G 150Beginning German IIWL
GER-G 200Intermediate German IWL
GER-G 250Intermediate German IIWL
GER-K 100Beginning Norwegian IWL
GER-K 150Beginning Norwegian IIWL
GER-K 200Intermediate Norwegian IWL
GER-K 250Intermediate Norwegian IIWL
GER-N 100Intensive Dutch IWL
GER-N 150Intensive Dutch IIWL
GER-N 200Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation IWL
GER-N 250Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation IIWL
GER-Y 100Beginning Yiddish IWL
GER-Y 150Beginning Yiddish IIWL
GER-Y 200Intermediate Yiddish IWL
GER-Y 250Intermediate Yiddish IIWL
GLLC-G 210Global Village ColloquiumAH
GLLC-G 220Global Village ColloquiumSH
GNDR-G 101Gender, Culture, and SocietyAH
GNDR-G 102Sexual PoliticsSH
GNDR-G 105Sex, Gender, and the BodySH
GNDR-G 215Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural PerspectiveSH
GNDR-G 225Gender, Sexuality, and Popular CultureAH
HISP-P 100Elementary Portuguese IWL
HISP-P 135Intensive PortugueseWL
HISP-P 150Elementary Portuguese IIWL
HISP-P 200Second-Year Portuguese IWL
HISP-P 250Second-Year Portuguese IIWL
HISP-P 290Topics in Luso-Brazilian CultureWC
HISP-S 100Elementary Spanish IWL
HISP-S 105First-Year SpanishWL
HISP-S 150Elementary Spanish IIWL
HISP-S 200Second-Year Spanish IWL
HISP-S 220Chicano and Puerto Rican LiteratureAH
HISP-S 250Second-Year Spanish IIWL
HISP-S 260Introduction to Hispanic FilmWCAH
HISP-S 265Topics in Hispanic Literature in TranslationAH
HISP-S 284Women in Hispanic CultureWC
HISP-S 290Topics in Hispanic CultureWC
HIST-A 200Issues in United States HistorySH
HIST-A 205Asian American HistorySH
HIST-A 207Introduction to Native American HistorySH
HIST-A 222Law in AmericaSH
HIST-A 225Elvis, Dylan, and Post-War AmericaSH
HIST-A 230American Pleasure: Leisure and Enjoyment in Modern US HistorySH
HIST-A 235History of American EmpireSHWC
HIST-A 240The History of BirthSH
HIST-A 245Indians and American Popular CultureSH
HIST-A 250Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern WorldSHWC
HIST-A 261Modern American Women's HistorySH
HIST-A 265Gender and Sexuality in American HistorySH
HIST-B 200Issues in Western European HistorySHWC
HIST-B 204Medieval HeroesSHWC
HIST-B 208Pagans and Christians in the Middle AgesSHWC
HIST-B 226The Mafia and Other Italian MysteriesSHWC
HIST-B 260Women, Men, and Society in Modern EuropeSHWC
HIST-B 270Inside Nazi GermanySHWC
HIST-C 200Issues in Ancient HistorySHWC
HIST-C 205Introduction to Islamic CivilizationSHWC
HIST-C 210The Making of the Modern Middle EastSHWC
HIST-C 215Sparta at WarSHWC
HIST-C 230Israel: History, Society, CultureSHWC
HIST-D 102Icon and Axe: Russia from Earliest Times to 1861SHWC
HIST-D 103Icon and Axe: Russia from 1861 to PresentSHWC
HIST-D 200Issues in Russian/East European HistorySHWC
HIST-D 201Democratic Revolutions since 1980SHWC
HIST-E 200Issues in African HistorySHWC
HIST-F 200Issues in Latin American HistorySHWC
HIST-G 101East Asia in World HistorySHWC
HIST-G 200Issues in Asian HistorySHWC
HIST-H 101The World in the Twentieth Century ISHWC
HIST-H 102The World in the Twentieth Century IISHWC
HIST-H 103Europe: Renaissance to NapoleonSHWC
HIST-H 104Europe: Napoleon to the PresentSHWC
HIST-H 105American History ISH
HIST-H 106American History IISH
HIST-H 205Ancient CivilizationSHWC
HIST-H 206Medieval CivilizationSHWC
HIST-H 207Modern East Asian CivilizationSHWC
HIST-H 208American-East Asian RelationsSHWC
HIST-H 210Britain's Road to ModernitySHWC
HIST-H 211Latin American Culture and Civilization ISHWC
HIST-H 212Latin American Culture and Civilization IISHWC
HIST-H 213The Black DeathSHWC
HIST-H 220American Military HistorySH
HIST-H 227African CivilizationsSHWC
HIST-H 231The Family in HistorySHWC
HIST-H 237Traditional East Asian CivilizationSHWC
HIST-H 238Introduction to South Asian History and CivilizationSHWC
HIST-H 239Blood and Guts! Introduction to the History of Western MedicineSHWC
HIST-H 251Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish ExpulsionSHWC
HIST-H 252Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the PresentSHWC
HIST-H 259American Jewish HistorySH
HIST-H 270What Is History?SH
HIST-W 100Issues in World HistorySHWC
HIST-W 125Cities and HistorySHWC
HIST-W 200Issues in World HistorySHWC
HIST-W 201Slavery and Unfreedom in World HistorySHWC
HIST-W 203World War I: Global WarSHWC
HON-H 211Ideas and Experience IAH
HON-H 212Ideas and Experience IISH
HON-H 213Madness and MelancholyAH
HON-H 232Meaningful WritingAH
HON-H 233Great Authors, Composers, and ArtistsAH
HON-H 233Great Authors, Composers, and Artists (topic: German and Austrian Music and Culture)WC
HON-H 234Literature of Time and PlaceAH
HON-H 234Literature of Time and Place (topic: Journeys and Migrations: From Italy to the Rest of the World)WC
HON-H 234Literature of Time and Place (topic: Brazil Imagined)WC
HON-H 234Literature of Time and Place (topic: The Vampire in European and American Culture)WC
HON-H 234Literature of Time and Place (topic: Germany's 'Others': Nation and Exclusion)WC
HON-H 235Religion in Literature, Music, Art, and PerformanceAH
HON-H 236Use of ForceSH
HON-H 236Use of Force (topic: Enemies and Allies--Japan and America, 1850-2000)WC
HON-H 237Law and SocietySH
HON-H 238Politics and CommunicationSH
HON-H 239Gender across the DisciplinesAH
HON-H 240Science and SocietySH
HON-H 241Scientific Uncertainty and DiscoveryNM
HON-H 242Animal EthicsAH
HPSC-X 102Revolutions in Science: Plato to NATOSHWC
HPSC-X 110Scientists at Work: from Frankenstein to EinsteinSH
HPSC-X 123Perspectives on Science: Social and HistoricalSH
HPSC-X 200Scientific ReasoningNM
HPSC-X 205Introduction to Medical HistorySH
HPSC-X 207The Occult in Western CivilizationWC
HPSC-X 210Technology and CultureSH
HPSC-X 222Big Science in the Twentieth CenturySH
HPSC-X 229Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Modern PhysicsNM
HPSC-X 253Inductive ReasoningNM
HUBI-B 150Introduction to Human Biology: From Cells to SocietyNM
INFO-H 101Introduction to Informatics--HonorsNM
INFO-I 101Introduction to InformaticsNM
INFO-I 123Data FluencyNM
INFO-I 222The Information SocietySH
INST-H 100Beginning Hindi IWL
INST-H 150Beginning Hindi IIWL
INST-H 200Second-Year Hindi IWL
INST-H 250Second-Year Hindi IIWL
INST-I 100Introduction to IndiaWC
INST-I 211Introduction to South Asian HistorySH
INST-I 212The Civilization of TibetSH
INST-U 100Beginning Urdu IWL
INST-U 150Beginning Urdu IIWL
INST-U 200Second-Year Urdu IWL
INST-U 250Second-Year Urdu IIWL
INTL-I 100Introduction to International StudiesSHWC
INTL-I 201Culture and the Arts: International PerspectivesAHWC
INTL-I 202Global Health and EnvironmentSHWC
INTL-I 203Global DevelopmentSHWC
INTL-I 204Human Rights and International LawSHWC
INTL-I 205International Communication and the ArtsSHWC
INTL-I 206Identity and ConflictSHWC
INTL-I 210Diplomacy, Security, GovernanceSH
INTL-I 220Global ConnectionsWC
INTL-I 222Global Health ConnectionsSHWC
JSTU-B 100Introduction to Biblical Hebrew IWL
JSTU-B 150Introduction to Biblical Hebrew IIWL
JSTU-B 200Intermediate Biblical Hebrew IWL
JSTU-B 250Intermediate Biblical Hebrew IIWL
JSTU-C 216Israeli Inequality in PerspectiveWC
JSTU-C 240Contemporary Israeli CultureWC
JSTU-H 100Elementary Hebrew IWL
JSTU-H 150Elementary Hebrew IIWL
JSTU-H 190Intensive Elementary HebrewWL
JSTU-H 200Intermediate Modern Hebrew IWL
JSTU-H 250Intermediate Modern Hebrew IIWL
JSTU-J 203Arts and Humanities Topics in Jewish StudiesAH
JSTU-J 204Social and Historical Topics in Jewish StudiesSH
JSTU-J 220Sacred Books of the JewsAHWC
JSTU-J 230Introduction to JudaismAH
JSTU-J 251Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish ExpulsionSHWC
JSTU-J 252Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the PresentSHWC
JSTU-J 254Israel: History, Society, CultureSHWC
JSTU-J 258Representing Jews and African Americans in American Musical TheatreAH
JSTU-J 259American Jewish HistorySH
JSTU-J 260Literary Masterpieces of Muslim SpainAHWC
JSTU-L 270Coming to America: History and Memory of Immigration in Jewish LiteratureAH
JSTU-L 280David: The Man and the KingAH
JSTU-L 285Guns and Roses: Representations of Soldiers & War in Modern Hebrew LiteratureAH
LATS-L 101Introduction to Latino StudiesSH
LATS-L 102Introduction to Latino HistorySH
LATS-L 103Introduction to Latino CulturesSH
LATS-L 104Latinas in the United StatesSH
LATS-L 111Latino Film: An Introduction and OverviewSH
LATS-L 200American BorderlandsAH
LATS-L 220Introduction to Latino LiteratureAH
LING-B 101Elementary Bamana IWL
LING-B 102Elementary Bamana IIWL
LING-B 201Intermediate Bamana IWL
LING-B 202Intermediate Bamana IIWL
LING-H 101Elementary Hausa IWL
LING-H 102Elementary Hausa IIWL
LING-H 201Intermediate Hausa IWL
LING-H 202Intermediate Hausa IIWL
LING-K 101Elementary Akan IWL
LING-K 102Elementary Akan IIWL
LING-K 201Intermediate Akan IWL
LING-K 202Intermediate Akan IIWL
LING-L 103Introduction to the Study of LanguageSH
LING-L 112Language and PoliticsSH
LING-L 203Introduction to Linguistic AnalysisNM
LING-L 245Language and ComputersNM
LING-S 101Elementary Swahili IWL
LING-S 102Elementary Swahili IIWL
LING-S 201Intermediate Swahili IWL
LING-S 202Intermediate Swahili IIWL
LING-X 101Elementary Wolof IWL
LING-X 102Elementary Wolof IIWL
LING-X 201Intermediate Wolof IWL
LING-X 202Intermediate Wolof IIWL
LING-Y 101Elementary Yoruba IWL
LING-Y 102Elementary Yoruba IIWL
LING-Y 201Intermediate Yoruba IWL
LING-Y 202Intermediate Yoruba IIWL
LING-Z 101Elementary Zulu IWL
LING-Z 102Elementary Zulu IIWL
LING-Z 201Intermediate Zulu IWL
LING-Z 202Intermediate Zulu IIWL
LSTU-L 101American Labor HistorySH
LSTU-L 110Introduction to Labor Studies: Labor and SocietySH
LSTU-L 230Labor and the EconomySH
LTAM-C 101Elementary Haitian Creole IWL
LTAM-C 102Elementary Haitian Creole IIWL
LTAM-C 201Intermediate Haitian Creole IWL
LTAM-C 202Intermediate Haitian Creole IIWL
LTAM-L 200Topics in Latin American Studies (topic: The End of the World, Maya, and the New Age)SH
LTAM-L 200Topics in Latin American Studies (topic: Healing, Spiritualism and the Body)SH
LTAM-L 210The Latin American ExperienceSHWC
LTAM-L 211Contemporary Problems in Latin AmericaSHWC
LTAM-L 275Altered States: Spirituality, Power, HealingSHWC
LTAM-M 101Elementary Yucatec Maya IWL
LTAM-M 102Elementary Yucatec Maya IIWL
LTAM-M 201Intermediate Yucatec Maya IWL
LTAM-M 202Intermediate Yucatec Maya IIWL
LTAM-Q 101Elementary Quechua IWL
LTAM-Q 102Elementary Quechua IIWL
LTAM-Q 201Intermediate Quechua IWL
LTAM-Q 202Intermediate Quechua IIWL
MATH-D 116Introduction to Finite Mathematics IMMNM
MATH-D 117Introduction to Finite Mathematics IIMMNM
MATH-J 113Introduction to Calculus with ApplicationsMMNM
MATH-M 106The Mathematics of Decision and BeautyMMNM
MATH-M 118Finite MathematicsMMNM
MATH-M 119Brief Survey of Calculus IMMNM
MATH-M 120Brief Survey of Calculus IINM
MATH-M 211Calculus IMMNM
MATH-M 212Calculus IINM
MATH-M 213Accelerated CalculusMMNM
MATH-S 118Honors Finite MathematicsMMNM
MATH-S 211Honors Calculus IMMNM
MATH-S 212Honors Calculus IINM
MATH-V 118Finite Mathematics with Applications (topic: Finite Math in Action)MMNM
MATH-V 118Finite Mathematics with Applications (topic: Finite Mathematics for the Social and Biological Sciences)MMNM
MATH-V 118Finite Mathematics with Applications (topic: Finite and Consumer Mathematics)MM
MATH-V 119Applied Brief Calculus I (topic: Applied Brief Calculus I for the Life Sciences)MMNM
MEST-M 200Medieval CulturesAHWC
MSCH-C 101MediaSH
MSCH-C 211Screening Gender and SexualitySH
MSCH-C 212Screening Race and the MediaSH
MSCH-C 213Introduction to Media and SocietySH
MSCH-C 214Race, Prejudice, and the MediaSH
MSCH-C 216Social Scientific Perspectives of Gender and MediaSH
MSCH-C 217Image CulturesAH
MSCH-C 219Media in the Global ContextSH
MSCH-F 204Topics in Media, Culture, and SocietySHAH
MSCH-F 290Hollywood ISH
MSCH-F 292Hollywood IISH
MSCI-M 216Medical Science of Psychoactive DrugsNM
MUS-A 111Electronics INM
MUS-A 112Electronics IINM
MUS-L 121Beginning Guitar Class and StylesAH
MUS-L 122Intermediate Guitar Class and StylesAH
MUS-P 110Beginning Piano Class 1, Non-Music MajorsAH
MUS-P 120Beginning Piano Class 2, Non-Music MajorsAH
MUS-T 109Rudiments of MusicAH
MUS-T 151Music Theory and Literature IAH
MUS-Z 101Music for the ListenerAH
MUS-Z 111Introduction to Music TheoryAH
MUS-Z 120Music in MultimediaAH
MUS-Z 130Musical Performance ContextsAH
MUS-Z 171Opera Theater Series IAH
MUS-Z 172Opera Theater Series IIAH
MUS-Z 190Jazz for ListenersAH
MUS-Z 201History of Rock and Roll MusicAH
MUS-Z 202History of Rock Music IIAH
MUS-Z 203History of Rock 'n' Roll IIIAH
MUS-Z 204Women MusiciansSH
MUS-Z 211Music Theory IIAH
MUS-Z 250Choral Masterworks: Singing Through HistoryAH
MUS-Z 260Music in American SocietyAH
MUS-Z 265American Country MusicAH
MUS-Z 270Music of War and PeaceAHWC
MUS-Z 280Music of the Silk RoadAHWC
MUS-Z 281East-West Encounters in MusicAHWC
MUS-Z 282Music of RussiaAHWC
MUS-Z 284Music in Global CinemaAHWC
NELC-A 100Elementary Arabic IWL
NELC-A 150Elementary Arabic IIWL
NELC-A 160First-Year ArabicWL
NELC-A 200Intermediate Arabic IWL
NELC-A 250Intermediate Arabic IIWL
NELC-E 100Elementary Hieroglyphic Egyptian IWL
NELC-E 150Elementary Hieroglyphic Egyptian IIWL
NELC-E 200Intermediate Middle EgyptianWL
NELC-E 201History and Civilization of Ancient EgyptSH
NELC-E 250Late Egyptian: Grammar and TextsWL
NELC-N 122U.S. Foreign Policy and the Muslim WorldSH
NELC-N 204Topics in Middle Eastern Culture and SocietySHWC
NELC-N 208Muslim Communities in Europe and the U.S.: Transnational IslamSH
NELC-N 212Contemporary Literatures of the Middle East (in English Translation)AHWC
NELC-N 216Israeli Inequality in ContextWC
NELC-N 220Muhammad: Life of the ProphetSHWC
NELC-N 222The Contemporary Middle East in World PoliticsSH
NELC-N 233The Golden Age of Islamic CivilizationWC
NELC-N 260Literary Masterpieces of Muslim SpainAHWC
NELC-N 265Introduction to Islamic CivilizationSHWC
NELC-N 268Military History of the Middle EastSH
PACE-C 210Public LeadershipSH
PACE-C 250Leadership and Public PolicySH
PHIL-P 100Introduction to PhilosophyAH
PHIL-P 103Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Philosophical PerspectivesAH
PHIL-P 105Thinking and ReasoningAH
PHIL-P 135Introduction to ExistentialismAH
PHIL-P 140Introduction to EthicsAH
PHIL-P 145Introduction to Social and Political PhilosophyAH
PHIL-P 150Elementary LogicAH
PHIL-P 201Ancient Greek PhilosophyAHWC
PHIL-P 205Modern Jewish PhilosophyWC
PHIL-P 211Modern Philosophy: Descartes through KantAH
PHIL-P 240Business and MoralityAH
PHIL-P 242Applied EthicsAH
PHIL-P 246Introduction to Philosophy and ArtAH
PHIL-P 250Introductory Symbolic LogicNM
PHIL-P 251Intermediate Symbolic LogicNM
PHIL-P 270Introduction to Topics in Philosophy (topic: Melancholy Beauty)AH
PHSL-P 215Basic Human PhysiologyNM
PHYS-P 101Physics in the Modern WorldNM
PHYS-P 105Basic Physics of SoundNM
PHYS-P 108Audio Technology Acoustics LaboratoryNM
PHYS-P 109Introductory Acoustics LaboratoryNM
PHYS-P 111Physics of Extraterrestrial Life and DeathNM
PHYS-P 120Energy and TechnologyNM
PHYS-P 125Energy in the Twenty-first CenturyNM
PHYS-P 150How Things WorkNM
PHYS-P 151Twenty-first-Century PhysicsNM
PHYS-P 199Physical Science through InquiryNM
PHYS-P 201General Physics INM
PHYS-P 202General Physics IINM
POLS-Y 100American Political ControversiesSH
POLS-Y 102International Political ControversiesSH
POLS-Y 103Introduction to American PoliticsSH
POLS-Y 105Introduction to Political TheoryAH
POLS-Y 107Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSH
POLS-Y 109Introduction to International RelationsSH
POLS-Y 200Contemporary Political TopicsSH
POLS-Y 202Politics and Citizenship in the Information AgeSH
POLS-Y 204Institutional Analysis and GovernanceSH
POLS-Y 211Introduction to LawSH
POLS-Y 249Religion, Politics, and Public PolicySH
PSY-P 101Introductory Psychology INM
PSY-P 102Introductory Psychology IISH
PSY-P 155Introduction to Psychological and Brain SciencesNM
PSY-P 211Methods of Experimental PsychologyNM
REL-A 201Introduction to African ReligionsSHWC
REL-A 210Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew BibleAHWC
REL-A 220Introduction to the New TestamentAHWC
REL-A 230Introduction to JudaismAHWC
REL-A 235Sacred Books of the JewsAHWC
REL-A 250Introduction to ChristianityAHWC
REL-A 270Introduction to IslamAHWC
REL-B 210Introduction to BuddhismAHWC
REL-B 215Zen BuddhismWC
REL-B 220Introduction to HinduismAHWC
REL-B 230Introduction to Chinese ReligionAHWC
REL-B 240Introduction to DaoismWC
REL-C 230American Jewish HistorySH
REL-D 250Religion, Ecology, and the SelfAH
REL-R 102Religion and Popular CultureAH
REL-R 133Introduction to ReligionAH
REL-R 152Jews, Christians, MuslimsAHWC
REL-R 153Religions of AsiaAHWC
REL-R 160Introduction to Religion in AmericaAH
REL-R 170Religion, Ethics, and Public LifeAH
REL-R 202Topics in Religious Studies (topic: Tales of Conversion and Transformations)AH
SLAV-C 101Elementary Czech IWL
SLAV-C 102Elementary Czech IIWL
SLAV-C 201Intermediate Czech IWL
SLAV-C 202Intermediate Czech IIWL
SLAV-C 223Introduction to Czech CultureAHWC
SLAV-M 101Elementary Romanian IWL
SLAV-M 102Elementary Romanian IIWL
SLAV-M 111Summer Intensive Elementary Romanian IWL
SLAV-M 122Summer Intensive Elementary Romanian IIWL
SLAV-M 201Intermediate Romanian IWL
SLAV-M 202Intermediate Romanian IIWL
SLAV-N 111Summer Intensive Elementary Russian IWL
SLAV-N 112Summer Intensive Elementary Russian IIWL
SLAV-N 122Summer Intensive Elementary Russian IIWL
SLAV-N 221Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian IWL
SLAV-N 231Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian IWL
SLAV-N 232Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian IIWL
SLAV-N 242Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian IIWL
SLAV-P 101Elementary Polish IWL
SLAV-P 102Elementary Polish IIWL
SLAV-P 111Summer Intensive Elementary Polish IWL
SLAV-P 122Summer Intensive Elementary Polish IIWL
SLAV-P 201Intermediate Polish IWL
SLAV-P 202Intermediate Polish IIWL
SLAV-P 223Introduction to Polish CultureAHWC
SLAV-R 101Elementary Russian IWL
SLAV-R 102Elementary Russian IIWL
SLAV-R 123Masterworks of Russian Short FictionAHWC
SLAV-R 201Intermediate Russian IWL
SLAV-R 202Intermediate Russian IIWL
SLAV-R 223Introduction to Russian CultureAHWC
SLAV-R 224Contemporary Russian CultureAH
SLAV-R 263Pushkin to DostoevskyAHWC
SLAV-R 264Tolstoy to SolzhenitsynAHWC
SLAV-S 101Elementary Serbian and Croatian IWL
SLAV-S 102Elementary Serbian and Croatian IIWL
SLAV-S 111Summer Intensive Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian IWL
SLAV-S 122Summer Intensive Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian IIWL
SLAV-S 201Intermediate Serbian and Croatian IWL
SLAV-S 202Intermediate Serbian and Croatian IIWL
SLAV-S 223Introduction to Balkan and South Slavic CulturesAHWC
SLAV-U 223Introduction to Ukrainian CultureAHWC
SOC-S 100Introduction to SociologySH
SOC-S 101Social Problems and PoliciesSH
SOC-S 105Community Problems and OutreachSH
SOC-S 110Charts, Graphs, and TablesNM
SOC-S 210The Economy, Organizations, and WorkSH
SOC-S 215Social ChangeSH
SOC-S 217Social InequalitySH
SOC-S 230Society and the IndividualSH
SPEA-A 163Arts Worlds: Management, Markets, and PolicySH
SPEA-E 162Environment and PeopleSH
SPEA-E 272Introduction to Environmental SciencesNM
SPEA-H 124Healthcare Management and PolicySH
SPEA-S 160Honors--National and International PolicySH
SPEA-S 161Honors--Urban Problems and SolutionsSH
SPEA-S 162Honors--Environment and PeopleSH
SPEA-S 163Honors--Art Worlds: Management, Markets, and PolicySH
SPEA-S 220Honors--Law and Public AffairsSH
SPEA-S 272Honors--Introduction to Environmental SciencesNM
SPEA-V 160National and International PolicySH
SPEA-V 161Urban Problems and SolutionsSH
SPEA-V 220Law and Public PolicySH
SPH-B 150Introduction to Public HealthSH
SPH-F 150Introduction to Life Span Human DevelopmentSH
SPH-F 255Human SexualitySH
SPH-F 258Marriage and Family InteractionSH
SPH-H 172International Health and Social IssuesSH
SPH-H 174Prevention of Violence in American SocietySH
SPH-H 220Death and DyingSH
SPH-H 235Obesity and HealthSH
SPH-H 263Personal HealthSH
SPH-K 150Introduction to Kinesiology and Public HealthSH
SPH-N 231Human NutritionNM
SPH-R 142Living WellSH
SPH-R 200Foundations of Leisure and Public HealthSH
SPHS-A 100American Sign Language IWL
SPHS-A 150American Sign Language IIWL
SPHS-A 200American Sign Language IIIWL
SPHS-A 250American Sign Language IVWL
SPH-V 241Foundations of Environmental HealthNM
STAT-S 100Statistical LiteracyNM
SWK-S 102Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic SocietySH
SWK-S 221Human Behavior and the Social Environment ISH
SWK-S 251History and Analysis of Social Welfare PolicySH
THTR-D 231Introduction to Dance StudiesAH
THTR-T 100Introduction to TheatreAH
THTR-T 101Script Analysis for the TheatreAH
THTR-T 108Great Performances in FilmAH
THTR-T 120Acting I: Fundamentals of ActingAH
THTR-T 125Performance as Art and DesignAH
TOPT-V 201Anatomy and Physiology of the EyeNM
VSCI-V 250The Miracle of SightNM