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Will I get credit for AP, IB, or SAT II test scores?

Check the AP and IB charts to see if the scores you have received on AP, IB (HL), or SAT II Subject tests are high enough to earn course credit (and credit hours) at IUB. The following points will help you understand what test credit means as you choose your first college courses:

  • If you have earned specific course credit and credit hours through any of these tests, then you have completed a course that will count toward degree requirements.
  • Not all exams are accepted, and in some cases, you will see the designation “-UN.” This means that the credit earned is “Undistributed,” and so it does not have a specific course equivalent at IUB.  The credit hours earned for these undistributed courses, however, will usually apply toward graduation hours.
  • Some programs (such as medical schools) may not accept SAT II/IB/AP test credit to fulfill admission prerequisites, even if you receive credit from IUB.
  • Course credit earned through such tests may not be the strongest preparation for the courses that come next toward your major or a professional program.