What is the process for international students to return to IUB after dismissal?

What is the process for international students to return to IUB after dismissal?

If you are a dismissed international student petitioning for reinstatement to return to University Division, the additional considerations and policies discussed below could affect your return to IU Bloomington.

Intensive English Program

International students who have had issues with English comprehension may use enrollment in the Intensive English Program to support their reinstatement petition. If you enroll in the IEP you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • complete level 6 in the IEP
  • earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 in IEP courses
  • Received a C or higher in every course
  • pass the re-take of the IAET
  • file a reinstatement petition through University Division Records Office by November 1st for spring or June 14th for fall or November 1st for spring.

If you meet these requirements, the committee will review your petition but will also take into consideration your reinstatement essay, declared major, previous coursework, and all other information received. There are no guarantees of approval.

Coursework Taken at Another College or University

International students can also use coursework taken at another college or university (in which case we require a 2.5 with no grade below a C for the most recent semester or two). The committee prefers to see coursework taken in English.

Visa Concerns

If you are in your home country, or studying at another university or college during your dismissal, be aware that visa issues could delay your return to IU Bloomington. If you are approved for reinstatement, and it is apparent that there will not be enough time for you to receive your Indiana University I-20 so that you can return for any required orientation and the beginning of classes, your approval will be granted for the following semester.

Alternative Plans

Since there is no guarantee that you will be approved for reinstatement, you may want to apply to another college or university in case you are not approved to return to IU Bloomington.