How do I take a class Pass/Fail?

How do I take a class Pass/Fail?

The Pass/Fail option allows you to earn a "passing" grade P, as long as you earn a grade higher than F. The grade of P does not affect your GPA, but an F will. The Pass/Fail option was created to give students the opportunity to take classes to explore unfamiliar areas without the risk of lowering their GPA.

Each degree program or school has different rules about if and how a course with the grade of P may count in the degree. You can find the requirements for your degree program in your school's academic bulletin.

Consult the Official Calendar on the Office of the Registrar's site to find the deadline for arranging to take the class pass/fail. You can arrange to take a class pass/fail before the term begins as long as you are enrolled in the class.

If you are a UD student:

  1. Discuss your plans with your assigned University Division (or UD-Affiliated) Academic Advisor before petitioning to apply the Pass/Fail option.
  2. Fill in the Pass/Fail petition form at the University Division Records Office in Maxwell Hall Room 028. You must be currently enrolled in the course you wish to take pass/fail before you can submit the Pass/Fail petition.