Transfer In/Out

Not yet an IU student? Contact IU Admissions to learn about becoming a Hoosier!

  • Permanent Intercampus Transfer In to IU Bloomington from Another IU Campus
    Please see the IU Bloomington Office of Admissions to learn how to apply for an intercampus transfer to IU Bloomington.
  • Permanent Intercampus Transfer Out to Another IU Campus
    1. Read the information and the application form for the campus to which you would like to transfer.
    2. Some IU Bloomington and UD holds will prevent enrollment on other IU campuses (mulit-institutional holds). Students with the UD Probation or UD Dismissal hold should contact the other campus to ask if it is possible to enroll on that campus.
    3. Contact the Orientation program at the other IU campus.  They may require you to attend an orientation program and/or take placement exams before you may enroll.
    4. Check the Schedule of Classes and the semester start and end dates for the other campus through One.IU or on the campus website. 
    5. Schedule a meeting with an advisor on the new campus to discuss degree requirements and how your IU Bloomington credits will count toward your degree.
    6. After you submit the intercampus transfer application, you will be contacted by the other IU campus about if and when you may enroll for classes on that campus.
    7. You do not need have to have the transcript from IU Bloomington sent to the other IU campus. You have one IU transcript and it will include classes from all IU campuses.
  • Taking a Class at Another IU Campus
    1. Apply to other IU Campuses as a visiting or temporary transfer student.
    2. Go to iGPS Course Search, and change “Campus” see course offerings at other IU campuses.
    3. Meet with your advisor to make sure the course will count toward your Bloomington degree.
    4. Call the orientation office for the campus where you intend to take summer classes. You could be required to attend an orientation program/event or be required to complete placement exams in math, foreign language or English composition.
    5. You do not need to reapply to return to Bloomington if you applied as a visiting (or temporary) intercampus transfer.
    6. You do not need have to have the transcript from the other IU campus sent to IU Bloomington. You have one IU transcript and it will include classes from all IU campuses. 
  • Transfer Credits from Non-IU Institutions

    Send official transcripts for classes taken at other colleges and universities directly to the IU Bloomington Office of Admissions.

    International students should send official transcripts to: International Admissions, Poplars 221, 400 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47405

    Planning to take a class off-campus? Want to know how it will transfer before enrolling?

    Already took a class? Need it reevaluated?

    • For math courses, complete the Math Transfer Evaluation Form and return it to Rawles Hall, room 115. The evaluation process may take 3-4 weeks.
    • For other courses, contact the department that administers the course to request information about their transfer credit evaluation process. Be ready to submit materials such as course syllabi, exams, and assignments.
    • International students, submit the Request for Review of Undistributed Credit via

    A grade of C or higher is required to receive credit for transfer courses. No credit will be given for a grade of C- or lower.

    Transfer credits do not contribute to your IU GPA.

  • Requesting Transcripts, Enrollment Verification, and Other Docs

    Order official transcripts, request enrollment verification, verification of good standing, or similar materials from Student Central on Union.

    If the college or university where you plan to take classes requires a statement about your eligibility to enroll in summer classes, read and print the UD document Taking Coursework at a Non-IU Institution.

    If the college or university where you plan to transfer requires recommendations, transcripts, or other forms of documentation, read and print the UD document Transfer Policy General.

    If the college or university where you plan to transfer uses the Common Application, read and print the UD document Transfer Policy Common Application.