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Academic Probation

Probation Requirements

Academic Probation
You’re on academic probation, but we believe you can turn yourself around. University Division can help. With support services and requirements to help you improve your past behaviors, we are here to help you get on the right path.

What do I need to do now?

Add EDUC-X 158. If you have not yet taken it, add EDUC-X158 Culture of College. This course is required for all UD students on probation who have not yet taken the course. If you have previously taken EDUC-X 158, you will have other requirements to fulfill.

If EDUC-X158 closes before you are able to register for it you may substitute this requirement with EDUC-X156 College and Life Long Learning or a first eight week section of EDUC-X150 Becoming Your Best Student. Questions? Then email your assigned advisor or talk to a phone-in advisor at (812) 855-6768.

Review your schedule. Do you need to modify your schedule? Should you consider repeating a class? Talk to a University Division advisor at (812) 855-6768 or email your assigned advisor.

Attend the Steps to Success Meeting.  Although this meeting is not required, it is a very good idea to attend. The Steps to Success Meeting will help you figure out how to get where you want to be.  You might already have some idea of what you’d like to do differently next semester, but the Phoenix Program will help you discover many different ways to get on the path to success at IUB.  You’ll find out about the wide range of resources available to UD students, and you’ll get real words of wisdom from students who have been there.  Your parents are welcome to attend the meeting with you. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015              3:00 p.m.             Ballantine 013

Meet with your advisor. Your academic advisor is an excellent resource for you as you are working to change your academic path. If you have immediate concerns or questions, talk to a University Division advisor at (812) 855-6768, email your assigned advisor, or visit your advisor during walk-in advising the first week of classes. You will be required to meet with your advisor to sign a Phoenix Program Probation Contract during the first three weeks of the semester. As you are preparing to meet with your advisor, consider what issues led to your poor performance last semester and reflect on your short- and long-term goals.

Check your financial aid. Academic status can affect financial aid. For most financial aid the minimum requirement is that a student maintains a CGPA of 2.0 or higher and complete at least 75 percent of hours attempted (W’s, I’s, and F’s do not count as completed hours). Many scholarships and grants have more stringent requirements. If you have any financial aid, you should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to find out more.

Be aware you will be charged a probation services fee. All students on academic probation in University Division are assessed a $50 probation service fee. This fee partially supports the specialized services we offer students in academic difficulty. This charge should appear on your Bursar bill the next semester in which you are enrolled at IU.

Realize that if you take course work at another IU campus, it will affect your academic standing at IU Bloomington. IU coursework taken in the fall, spring, or summer term will be calculated into your IU GPA and so could lead to a dismissal or get you back into good standing. If you transfer to another IU campus, you will only be affected by the academic standards on that campus. However, if you plan to return to IUB, your coursework will be reviewed according to UD academic standards before being allowed to return. If you are dismissed from IUB as a result of that review, you will need to fill out a Reinstatement Petition. Questions?  View UD academic standards or contact an academic advisor.