Need to Know

Student studying by trees and a stream

You have been dismissed from University Division and your enrollment has been cancelled for the following term. We hope that you can learn to grow from this difficult experience.

We suggest that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should I continue my education at another institution? Do I need to take a break from college?
  • What contributed to my academic difficulties? What would I be willing to change if I were to resume my education?
  • What do I really want for myself, and what kind of training or education do I need to accomplish these goals?

If you hope to return to IU Bloomington in the future you must petition for reinstatement. Before being eligible to submit a petition you must not attend IUB for at least one fall or spring before the date you hope to return. There is no guarantee of reinstatement; petitions are subject to committee review. You may want to schedule an in-office or telephone appointment with a University Division academic advisor to discuss this process. Please call (812) 855-6768 to schedule an appointment with a University Division advisor.

Petitions for reinstatement are due June 14 for the fall semester or November 1 for the spring semester.

You will not be able to attend summer school at IU Bloomington unless you have been approved for reinstatement.

Be aware that if you take course work at another IU campus it will affect your academic standing at IU Bloomington. In general, other campuses will not allow you to enroll if you have been dismissed by IUB. However, if you do manage to take IU coursework in the fall, spring, or summer term it will be calculated into your IU GPA and so could lead to a second dismissal or get you back into good standing. If you transfer to another IU campus, you will only be affected by the academic standards on that campus. However, if you plan to return to IUB, your coursework will be reviewed according to UD academic standards before being allowed to return. If you are dismissed from IUB as a result of that review, you will need to fill out a Reinstatement Petition. Questions?  View UD academic standards or contact an academic advisor.

If you are an international student you need to contact the Office of International Services regarding your dismissal. You should also view Reinstatement for International Students.