Need to Know

Student studying by trees and a stream

Being on Academic Probation can be emotionally difficult. Sometimes it can help to get words of advice from students who have been there.

"When I first found out that I was on academic probation I couldn't really say I was surprised because, in all honesty, I wasn't at all.  I knew the day was coming and I couldn't ignore it.  The day I got the dreadful email was a very emotional one, and the worst part was having to tell my parents.  I knew they were going to be disappointed, but I knew they had by back no matter what.

I can say that I probably wouldn't have wanted any words of advice those first few days.  I needed to figure some things out for myself before people started giving me words of affirmation and advice.  The meeting at the beginning of the semester was a big eye opener for me.  Hearing other students talk about their time on academic probation and all the things that led up to the point was very inspiring and it reassured me that anything was possible if you had the faith and determination.  After leaving that meeting I knew that I could do it, I just couldn't make the same mistakes that I had the previous semester.

Some encouraging things that people told me were: •Anything is possible. •This isn't the end of the road. •I have faith in you. •You are a very smart individual, you are just in a tough spot right now. •You will learn from your mistakes and come out of all of this a better person and more successful than you would have thought. 

All of these things really assured me that everything in my life was going to be just fine.  I found all of these things very encouraging because none of them put me down.  They gave me faith in myself and made me realize that I could do anything that I set my mind to... Positivity is the only way you are going to be happy in life.  If you only find negativity out of things and blame others you will not be nearly as successful as you could be.  Just remember to always have faith and always make the best out of any situation that you are in."Shelby

"I know that being on academic probation is scary, and that you probably feel really bad about being place on probation.  You should know that it's okay that this happened to you, and there are so many students who are in the same position that you are in now, or that have been in your shoes before.  You are not alone, there is a vast support system that is in place to help you succeed to the best of your abilities.

College isn't easy.  I personally struggled with adjusting to the college lifestyle.  For the first time in my life I was the only person  who was responsible for myself, and I didn't really realize this,  and I let my grades get so low to the point of no return.  You definitely shouldn't think that you aren't smart because you're on academic probation.  One thing that my advisor always told me was that if you are smart enough to meet the entry requirements to IU, you are smart enough to succeed in college.  Some people just have a harder time than others.  Don't be upset with yourself because you are on academic probation.  Personally, I look back on myself being on probation as a positive experience that changed my life for the better.  If I had the opportunity to go back in time and change me being on academic probation, I wouldn't do it because I have learned so much and grown greatly as a person throughout my journey.  You shouldn't feel alone either just because you are on academic probation.  You have a great support system that is here to help you, and the people in this support system really do want to help you, we want you to be the best student that you can be!

So don't lose hope in yourself, because it isn't too late to make a change in your life to set you up on the path to success in your schoolwork.  It is an achievable goal with the right guidance and the right kind of attitude.  Me personally and all of my peers want to help you as much as we can so that you can feel confident about yourself in college and so that you can get the grades that you want to get.  So don't be mad, angry, or upset that you are on probation.  Look at your situation as something that will motivate you to perform to the best of your abilities.  We know that you can do it!"Patrick