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Intercampus Transfer

Students admitted to one IU campus may apply to transfer, either permanently or temporarily, to take classes at another IU campus. Each campus has its own admission criteria and application deadlines for intercampus transfers.

  • Transfer from IU Bloomington to another IU campus

    1. Read the information and the application form for the campus to which you would like to transfer.  
    2. Some IU Bloomington and UD holds will prevent enrollment on other IU campuses (mulit-institutional holds). Students with the UD Probation or UD Dismissal hold should contact the other campus to ask if it is possible to enroll on that campus.
    3. Contact the Orientation program at the other IU campus.  They may require you to attend an orientation program and/or take placement exams before you may enroll.
    4. Check the Schedule of Classes and the semester start and end dates for the other campus through OneStart or on the campus website. 
    5. Discuss your plans and classes with your UD Academic Advisor in a scheduled appointment.
      a. If you plan to do a temporary or visiting transfer to the other IU campus, such as for the summer, we advise you confirm how the course(s) at the other campus will count in your IU Bloomington degree.  Your UD academic advisor can help you with this process, but you may need to contact other departmental advisors.
      b. If you plan to permanently transfer to the other IU campus to finish your degree, we advise you also schedule to meet with an advisor on the new campus.
    6. After you submit the intercampus transfer application, you will be contacted by the other IU campus about if and when you may enroll for classes on that campus.  
    7. If you do a temporary or visiting intercampus transfer, you do not need to apply to return to take classes on the IU Bloomington campus.  Also you do not have to have the transcript from the other IU campus sent to IU Bloomington. You have one IU transcript and it will include classes from all IU campuses.
  • Transfer to IU Bloomington from another IU campus

    Please see the IU Bloomington Office of Admissions to learn how to apply for an intercampus transfer to IU Bloomington.