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Entering a School & Major

You’ve been a student in University Division, but now you are ready to enter the school for your major! Your academic advisor is here to help you with this process.

To learn more about admission requirements for your major or school, select from the following links:

Some schools and majors require a formal application to be submitted while others use automatic certification. Once the intended school determines that you have met all requirements for admission, your academic records are then transferred to your new school and you will be sent an acceptance email or letter. This process takes place three times a year following fall, spring and summer terms.

University Division requires that you are admitted into your degree-granting school during the admissions period following the end of the term in which you complete 70 credit hours. If you are a transfer student and will complete your 70th hour during your first term at IU Bloomington, you will be given an extra semester to be admitted into your intended program. This means you can be admitted to your intended program following your second term of enrollment through University Division.

If you are an International student and your English language courses requirements delay acceptance into your major, you may be allowed to enroll through UD beyond your 70th credit hour. Also, a few majors require more advance status prior to acceptance into the major. In such cases, if you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree, we will allow you to continue in University Division.

If you have questions about this policy, make an appointment to meet with your advisor.