Need to Know

Student studying by trees and a stream


Whether you are dropping a class, adding a second eight-week class, or withdrawing from IU Bloomington, your academic advisor can help.

But first a few basics:

  • How to drop/add depends on when you drop/add.
  • Up through the Sunday after the first week of classes, drop/add is done through your Student Center in One.IU.
  • After the first week, there are special late drop/add procedures and deadlines.
  • There are risks to making changes to your schedule after classes begin. Make an appointment with your advisor or visit your advisor during walk-in hours if you have any questions. Make sure you know what to expect before you drop/add.
  • If you plan to drop all classes (otherwise referred to as completing a withdrawal from the university), make sure to read over the information we have provided and contact a UD advisor.