First Steps

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Step 5: Utilize Planning Tools


One.IU is the one-stop shop for access to all of Indiana University’s online services. With One.IU, finding what you need is as simple as Search, Click, Done! One.IU brings an app store experience to IU services.

Be sure to “Favorite” the following planning tools in One.IU to ensure they are easily accessible: Search Courses, iGPS Plan / Academic Plan, and Degree Map Search.

For more information on One.IU, see the Student Center Quick Guide in One.IU worksheet.


iGPS, which stands for Interactive Graduation Planning System, provides you with immediate feedback on your academic plan just as GPS systems do when recalculating routes to a desired geographical destination – in the case of the iGPS the destination is graduation.

Log on to iGPS with your IU username and password.  Trouble logging on?  Get help from University Information Technology Services (UITS).

Under the iGPS umbrella are three key features that assist you in navigating your path to success at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB). Click on iGPS Information for more details related to these three features.  Before NSO you want to have a draft of your IGPS Plan prepared.  To view information on how to create this Plan, view the IGPS Plan PDF.

The iGPS Course Search utilizes an “open-ended” search box to browse for classes by interests and/or academic subjects. Click on iGPS Information for additional information and trainings related to this iGPS feature, or see “What is the new Course Search, and how do I use it to search for courses?”

The iGPS Plan / Academic Plan is a multi-semester course enrollment planning tool that allows you to choose courses for your entire academic career. Click on iGPS Information for additional information and trainings related to this iGPS feature, or see “What is the new Academic Planner, and how do I use it to plan my courses?”

In preparation for advising during orientation, you should enter courses into your iGPS plan so that you can discuss them with your academic advisor.  During your first year at IUB, you can work with your academic advisor and the IU Peer Coaches to learn how to set up your own individualized four-year plan using iGPS.

Degree Maps provide 8-semester. 4-year, degree plans with courses and milestones outlined for all academic majors at Indiana University Bloomington, as well as first-year course guides for exploratory students. Please click on iGPS Information for additional information related to this iGPS feature, or see "How to use degree maps to put classes in your iGPS Plan."

Academic Bulletins

Academic Bulletins are official publications of each degree-granting school or division. They provide a comprehensive guide to the policies, procedures, and requirements for all majors, minors, or certificate programs offered through that school or division. Academic Bulletins also include descriptions for all courses offered through that school or division.

Besides bulletins related to academic schools or divisions, Indiana University Bloomington also produces a General Education Bulletin.  At IUB, you are expected to fulfill a set of basic requirements that are the same for all students, regardless of what major they choose. Be sure to take a look at this bulletin, as many students take General Education courses during their first year of student at IUB.

Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) shows how your courses, transfer work, test scores, or other special credits apply toward the academic requirements of your desired degree(s). To view more information on the AAR and the steps to run an AAR, see the Advisement Report (AAR) page under Academic Advising – Planning Tools.

You can also view IT trainings on the AAR and What-if AAR in both video and printable formats.  Here are the links to these online trainings:

Academic Advisement Report – Video

What-if Academic Advisement Report (AAR) – Online Tutorial

What-if Academic Advisement Report (AAR) – Printable

What-if Academic Advising Report Basics – Video

Need Additional Assistance?

Remember, if you ever have any questions about academic planning at Indiana University Bloomington, you can always contact your academic advisor.  Not sure who is your academic advisor?  Click on the Advisor app in One.IU .