First Steps

Students walking on steps at Wells Library

Step 1: Learn With Purpose

Congratulations! You’ve been working toward admission to a college or university for many years. You are starting an exciting new phase in your education, and you will want to be prepared to make the most of your time here.

It is not too early to begin the process of broadening your understanding of what higher education has to offer. Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) recognizes the importance of a liberal arts education that will prepare the foundation for a lifetime of continual learning.  A liberal arts education will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you through a combination of specialized and general study. 

If you actively participate in your undergraduate studies and engage with instructors, campus organizations, and peers, you will graduate with more than a degree.  You will learn the skills needed to excel in any environment, including your chosen occupations. 

Explore IUB academic and career resources to discover ways to enhance your degree and seek support to reach your goals.

Your active participation begins now.  Proceed through the steps listed below as you prepare for your Orientation experience.

Step 2: Of the majors offered at Indiana University Bloomington, which ones are a good fit for me?

In this step you will begin to learn about all the majors, minors, and certificates IU offers.

Step 3:  How do I learn more about classes that will meet requirements, interest me and help me succeed?

Read about General Education requirements and how to choose courses that fit your educational plan.

Step 4:  What resources will help me explore careers that match my values, interests, skills, and personality?

Link to a variety of resources from IUB’s Career Development Center.

Step 5: What online tools will I use to prepare for NSO?  

Use the Interactive Graduation Planning System (iGPS) Course Search, Plan, and Degree Maps to apply what you have learned and select classes for your first semester.