First Steps

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Step 3: Choose Courses

Bloomington General Education

World Languages and Cultures (WLC)

Requirement: Students must successfully complete one of the following three options:

  1. Language Study: The study of a single world language through the second semester of the second-year level. Proficiency can be demonstrated through language placement testing at orientation.
  2. World Culture Courses: Two World Cultures courses, for at least 6 credit hours.
  3. International Experience: An approved study abroad program or internship of at least 6 credit hours and at least six weeks abroad in duration (or a combination of programs totaling 6 credit hours). For information about opportunities for studying abroad, see the Web site of IU Overseas Study Program.

View World Languages and Cultures course options in the General Education Bulletin or on the General Education at IU Bloomington website.

World Languages and Cultures General Education: Studying Human Diversity

World Languages and Cultures (WLC) courses give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the tremendous variety of ways that people express themselves through their cultures in a globally connected world. You will learn about world affairs and the values held by peoples of different cultures.  Carefully chosen courses to fulfill this requirement may help you prepare for study abroad programs.

What you will do in World Languages and Cultures Gen Ed courses:

--Understanding the features that distinguish one culture from another

--Thinking comparatively about cultural perspectives

--Developing the linguistic skills necessary for communication in another language at the intermediate level

--Practicing analytical skills necessary to understand how nations and cultures interact

--Seeing yourself and your own culture more clearly in relation to cultures around the world