First Steps

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Step 3: Choose Courses

Bloomington General Education

Social and Historical Studies (S&H)

Requirement: At least 2 courses for at least 6 credit hours

View Social and Historical Studies course options in the General Education Bulletin or on the General Education at IU Bloomington website.

Social and Historical General Education: Studying Human Interaction

Social and Historical Studies (S&H) courses help you study many forms of human behavior and interaction.  By learning the broader contexts that shape and drive our behaviors, you will come to understand why people—and the institutions they inhabit—behave as they do.

What you will do in Social and Historical Gen Ed courses:

--Understanding and evaluating theories about many forms of human interaction

--Applying and assessing the methods used in the social sciences

--Appreciating human diversity

--Practicing analytical and persuasive communications skills particular to the social sciences

--Absorbing in-depth and complex knowledge in a social science area of particular interest to you, including History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Geography