First Steps

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Step 3: Choose Courses

Bloomington General Education

Natural and Mathematical Sciences (N&M)

Requirement: At least 2 courses (including at least one Natural Sciences course) for at least 5 credit hours, or one 5-credit hour laboratory course

View Natural and Mathematical Science course options in the General Education Bulletin or on the General Education at IU Bloomington website.

Natural and Mathematical Science General Education: Studying Human Inquiry

Natural and Mathematical Science (N&M) courses enable you to learn how to participate in a unique human achievement: the development and practice of a method of inquiring about how our world works. You will better understand how scientific inquiry distinguishes fact from falsehood, how to learn scientific knowledge about the world in areas you choose of interest to you, and how you might contribute to those ever-growing bodies of knowledge.

What you will do in Natural and Mathematical Science Gen Ed courses:

--Constructing and testing hypotheses

--Practicing rigorous analytical thinking

--Collecting, interpreting and evaluating data

--Engaging in active problem-solving