First Steps

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Step 3: Choose Courses

Bloomington General Education

Arts and Humanities (A&H)

Requirement: At least 2 courses for at least 6 credit hours

View Arts and Humanities course options in the General Education Bulletin or on the General Education at IU Bloomington website.

Arts and Humanities General Education: Studying Human Expression

Arts and Humanities (A&H) courses offer you the opportunity to investigate the many ways in which human beings express themselves. You will study ways of interpreting meaning in those expressions and learn more about who you are and how to express yourself effectively by joining in an ongoing conversation about ideas.

What you will do in Arts and Humanities Gen Ed courses:

--Thinking rationally and critically

--Constructing clear arguments

--Evaluating other points of view

--Analyzing how ideas and emotions are conveyed in literature, visual art, music, and drama

--Grappling with moral and ethical issues

--Creating your own works of artistic expression