First Steps

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Step 2: Explore Majors, Minors & Certificates

School of Public & Environmental Affairs

Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) was created to address the complex issues that face society today—issues one field of study alone cannot solve. SPEA degrees and majors, in the areas of Public Affairs, Arts Management, Healthcare Management and Policy, and Environmental Science, are as diverse as the people who study them. SPEA students’ learning may begin in the classroom, but SPEA programs are uniquely designed for real world experience in business, the community, and the world around us.

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs is part business, part science, and part humanities, focusing on the specialized areas of governing, managing, and leading. However, SPEA is definitely bigger than the sum of its parts—we prepare students for careers in public service, business, healthcare and nonprofit management with versatile degrees that allow seamless movement among the different fields. SPEA starts with exceptional individuals, but distinguishes itself through outcomes that improve society at large. At SPEA, the power of one fuels the power of all, where students can explore how individuals and organizations work together toward the greater good.

For more information, check out the SPEA Website or the SPEA Academic Bulletin.

For information related to careers, please view our Career Development Office online and for information about SPEA study abroad opportunities, view the SPEA Overseas Education page.

Students interested in SPEA have opportunities to learn more about our degrees. We offer three types of information sessions.

  • 1) Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Engagement for an overview of our degrees, majors, related career options, and SPEA’s array of student opportunities. Current students are available to answer your questions and talk about their experiences.
  • 2) Attend a Meet SPEA and Learn More session for a comprehensive overview of SPEA’s degrees, majors, student programs including overseas study, all the options available after you graduate, and how to apply to become a SPEA student. Register for a session here.
  • 3) Contact the SPEA Undergraduate Programs and Academic Advising Office for Pre-SPEA Student Advising—we welcome all Pre-SPEA students who have individual advising questions.  Pre-SPEA students may contact us at 812-855-0635 or stop by SPEA, room 240, to schedule either a 30 minute or one hour academic advising appointment.