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Step 2: Explore Majors, Minors & Certificates

Social Work & Labor Studies Program

Department of Labor Studies

With over 60 years of leadership and experience in the field of labor research and education, The Department of Labor Studies continues to be a pioneer in innovative teaching and learning, offering online courses to meet the needs of students from all backgrounds. The field of labor studies combines interdisciplinary social science theory with practical skills training to provide a systematic understanding of the history and current status of institutions that influence labor relations. Labor Studies faculty represent a variety of specializations (economics, law, political science, sociology, history, and industrial relations) and teach using diverse methodologies and perspectives on work-related issues. Courses and topics include, for example, the global economy; the struggle for social justice; class, race, gender and work; labor history; labor and employment law; changing relationships between family and work; occupational health and safety; and sexual harassment. Labor Studies also offers one-credit topics courses on issues such as the representation of organized labor in modern cinema; human trafficking; and work, labor and ecology. Topics courses range from one to three credits, with one-credit courses on topics such as the representation of organized labor in modern cinema; human trafficking; and work, labor and ecology. Most of our courses are exclusively online.

The Department of Labor Studies within the School of Social Work at Indiana University is a statewide program with faculty on six IU campuses: Bloomington, Fort Wayne, IUPUI, Kokomo, Northwest, and South Bend. We offer Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science degrees, as well as a Certificate in Labor Studies. Students may also minor in Labor Studies, or just enroll in our courses to learn more about the world of work. Labor Studies also offers noncredit extension courses to unions and employees.

For more information, check out the Labor Studies website.

Recommended First Courses

  • LSTU-L 100 Survey of Unions and Collective Bargaining
  • LSTU-L 101 American Labor History
  • LSTU-L 110 Introduction to Labor Studies: Labor and Society
  • LSTU-L 205 Contemporary Labor Problems
  • LSTU-L 290 Topics in Labor Studies