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Kelley School of Business

The Kelley School of Business has been an innovator in business education for more than 85 years. The Undergraduate Program remains consistently ranked among top undergraduate business programs and across all major disciplines. In fact, in 2014, Kelley was ranked 8th in the U.S. for all business schools.

The undergraduate curriculum is built on time-honored business fundamentals and taught by a world-class faculty. Kelley students learn core concepts and skills – such as critical thinking and analysis, teamwork, and communication – and learn to solve complex business problems before proceeding into one or more of 12 business majors and 5 co-majors. Kelley School students may study abroad, complete an internship, and network with distinguished alumni and business leaders. 

The Kelley School is among the pioneers of the integrated business curriculum, which is continuously updated to reflect a constantly changing business world. Key features include:

  • The Kelley Compass:  Beginning in their first year on campus, Kelley students take a sequence of three courses designed to help them develop awareness of themselves, practice and fine-tune the ability to work effectively in teams, and find their "fit" in the world of business.  At the same time, they acquire the skills and knowledge to evaluate and adapt their current and lifelong educational plans while acquiring the professional competencies that lead to career success.
  • Global Foundations Core:  In the second year, Kelley students learn that business truly is global.  In a sequence of three courses, they come to understand the social, economic, and political contexts in which businesses operate.  They also learn how business enterprises impact and are impacted by these contexts.  As part of the Global Core, they have the option to travel with other students on a 7-10 day visit to another country to see business in action.
  • The Integrated Core (I-Core):  In the third year, Kelley students devote one semester to l-Core and the growth, challenge, and excitement that come from seeing how the functional areas of business must combine and interact if any business enterprise is to succeed.
  • Applied Ethics and Strategy:  In the third and fourth years, Kelley students take specific courses that guide them in applying critical thinking to ethical dilemmas that might arise in their upcoming careers and in developing the strategic thinking necessary for leading an enterprise.

If you are a high-performing, highly motivated student, you might want to apply for the Business Honors Program at the end of your freshman year. Any student admitted to Kelley who meets the rigorous application criteria may apply. Business honors students who complete the program’s requirements receive an honors notation on the diploma.  

For more information about the Kelley degree, check out the Kelly School of Business website.