First Steps

Students walking on steps at Wells Library

If you are planning for a major in the College of Arts and Sciences consider taking any of the following courses:

English Composition

  • ENG-W 131 English Composition, ENG-W 170 Projects in Reading and Writing, or CMLT-C 110 Writing the World 

Mathematical Modeling

  • MATH-M 119 or M211 Calculus
  • MATH-M 118 Finite or S118 (honors)
  • Or placement level math course 

Public Oral Communication (POC)

  • COLL-P 155 Public Oral Communication.  To find a description of the course and requirement, go to Public Oral Communication.

Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences (CAPP)

      Foreign Language

  • Go to the World Languages list to find a list of possible course options 

      Breadth of Inquiry

  • Follow the IUB General Education requirements for A&H, S&H or N&M course options
  • For additional options you may also view the CASE A&H,S&H or N&M course lists.

     Culture Studies


  • Choose any first courses suggested by your major of interest. See the list of majors to find the first courses recommended for your major