Explore Majors & More

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Exploring Majors and More

Use the list of resources on the left to learn about academic and extracurricular opportunities available at IUB.  As you navigate through this information and make decisions about your education at IUB, your University Division advisor will be a source of guidance and support.  If you would like to begin some more in-depth exploration now, go to the Explore Majors website and read about the majors, minors, and certificates you find most interesting.  Notice on this site you can search for majors by interest, alphabetically, or by school.   Keep notes for yourself and write down your questions to discuss with your advisor.

In University Division (UD), we prefer to use the word "Exploratory" to describe a student who has yet to make final decisions about an academic major and/or a minor or certificate program.  However, "Exploration" is more than just choosing your major or another academic program; it is planning to make the most of yor undergraduate education at IU Bloomington.  "Exploration" involves building an academic experience and a resume that fits you!

Benefits of Exploring

To efficiently and effectively find the best major for you, it is smart to explore your options and confirm your choice of major during your first year.  According to national research, 50 – 60 % of students who enter with a declared major will change their minds in their first year at college.   Think of the students you met during orientation who told you their major—at least half of them will change their plans by the end of your and their first year.  Hopefully, they, like you, have been exploring during this time.

In the process of exploring, you will also develop critically important skills and knowledge that will benefit you as you make future decisions about your education, career and personal life.  These benefits include:

  •  Self-knowledge of interests, values, personality, and skills
  • Confidence in setting goals and priorities
  • Focused planning and preparation
  • Strong research and information-gathering abilities
  • Choosing and utilizing appropriate supports and resources
  • Effective decision-making
  • Developing personal and professional connections with faculty, staff, and peers

University Division provides a structure of support to help you make the most of these new abilities as you build a firm educational experience at IUB, and an academic portfolio, that meets your goals.