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Extracurricular & Co-curricular Learning 

Add experience and leadership to enhance your degree. 

There are many ways to gain experience and develop leadership skills while studying at IU.  Consider overseas study, internships, volunteer work, involvement in campus activities and organizations, and leadership programs and minors. The resources below are intended to get you started with your search for extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities. 

  • Start researching internships with help from the Career Development Center.
  • Consider expanding your world with Overseas Study.  Explore the wide variety of overseas study programs that are available to IUB students.
  • Find out more about getting involved in Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity at IUB. Engaging in research or creative activity gives you the chance to learn hands-on about cutting edge problems in your chosen field, and to apply the ideas discussed in your classes to solving those problems in the real world.
  • The Office of Student Life and Learning is the main campus resource for connecting students with leadership and service opportunities, such as:

Student Activities and Organizations

Volunteer Opportunities

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  • Academic Programs with leadership and/or service components:

Service Learning Courses

Leadership Minor

Fundraising and Resource Development Minor

Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) Certificate

IU in DC Washington Leadership Program

LEAD IU Program

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance