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University Division (UD) provides academic advising and records services for IU Bloomington students prior to their admission to a degree-granting school.

Here’s what UD has to offer:

Academic Advising

  • It’s comprehensive. UD academic advising is for all IU Bloomington programs. Advisors teach students what they need to know about campus deadlines, policies, and procedures. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about academic programs at IU.
  • It’s convenient. First-year students are assigned to advising offices located in residence halls. Students in the second year and beyond are assigned to an advisor in centrally located Maxwell Hall. In addition, UD advisors communicate with students via email.
  • It’s personal. Every UD student is assigned to a specific advisor. Your advisor has access to your academic records and your advisor knows your name. Get to know your advisor by planning frequent appointments and staying in touch by email.

Preprofessional Advising

  • It’s smart. Getting into law, medicine, and other health fields is complicated and competitive. Connect with UD’s Health Professions and Prelaw Center (HPPLC) if you have an interest in these fields. Planning ahead can make a big difference for your chances of getting into professional schools.
  • It’s about you. HPPLC advisors are interested in you. They will work with you to advance your dreams. Make an appointment with a HPPLC adivsor to discuss your plans.

Records Office

It’s all in the details. The OVPUE Records Office is available to talk with you about your academic record and the UD and IU Bloomington policies and procedures that impact it.

Administrative Staff

For help: UD’s administrative staff can help with problems. Contact a UD administrator when you need more than standard advising assistance. We’re happy to listen and will do our best to help you!